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Arthur Middleton Manigault

Manigault was born 26 October 1824 in Charleston, South Carolina. He entered business in Charleston at an early age. He fought in the war with Mexico as a 1st lieutenant of a company in the Palmetto regiment, serving with Winfield Scott's army from Vera Cruz to Mexico City. Upon returning to Charleston, Manigault was in the commission business until 1856 when he became a rice planter.

When South Carolina seceded he raised a militia company and served as its captain. He served as inspector general on Beauregard's staff during the bombardment of Fort Sumter. Manigault was next elected colonel of the 10th South Carolina which mustered into service on 31 May 1861. He commanded the 1st Military District of South Carolina headquartered at Georgetown.

Following the April 1862 battle of Shiloh Manigault along with his regiment were transferred to Bragg's army in Mississippi. By the summer of 1862 Maginault commanded the brigade, made up of his 10th and the 19th South Carolina and three Alabama regiments, while occupying Corinth, during the siege, and during the operations in Tennessee and Kentucky. He was promoted to brigadier general on 26 April 1863. He commanded his brigade at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, and during the Atlanta campaign at Resaca where he was wounded and at Ezra Church. He commanded his brigade during Hood's Tennessee campaign.

Maginault was severely wounded at Franklin receiving a head wound which would keep him from further service. He returned to South Carolina and rice planting. In 1880 he was elected adjutant general of South Carolina remaining in this position until he died on 17 August 1886 at South Island, South Carolina.

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