The Best Civil War Sites on the Internet


Dozens of states and hundreds of cities played a part in the Civil War. So it's no surprise that many of these locales have websites dedicated to their part in the Civil War. This is where you'll find them.

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Alabama Civil War Flags          
Brooklyn in the Civil War 
Civil War Crossroads Tourism Guide                                        
Civil War Florida 
Civil War in Arkansas                                            5-star
Civil War in Kentucky                                    5-star
Civil War In New Mexico
Civil War St. Louis                                       5-star
Florida in the Civil War                                          
Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls Database    
Maine State Archives Civil War Page  
Massachusetts Civil War Research Center                         
Missouri's Civil War                              
New York Divided                         
New York State Civil War Soldier Database         
North Carolina and the Civil War                          
North Carolina Civil War Image Portfolio                    
Ohio in the Civil War                                           5-star
On the Blue and Gray Trail:     
The Civil War in North Georgia and Chattanooga 
Pennsylvania in the Civil War                                                                       5-star
Pennsylvania Civil War Volunteers                                                                      
Pennsylvania's Civil War Conscientious Objectors Database                             
Shenandoah At War                                                                                      
State of New York and the Civil War                                                  5-star
Tennessee Division - SCV                                        
Texas Division - SCV 
Vermont In The Civil War 
Virginia Center for Civil War Studies                                                                      5-star
West Virginia In The Civil War 
Wisconsin's Civil War Battle Flags                                                           5-star







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