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President Obama Leads Off America The Story of Us: Tonight on History Channel

If you were going to tell America’s story in six nights, what events would you choose? The Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock? The signing of the Declaration of Independence? Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address? What about 9/11?
This is what the folks behind America The Story of Us had to contend with, and you’ll see what they chose [...]

12 Funniest Items of Confederate Flag Memorabilia

Today several U.S. states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas, celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, a holiday to commemorate all those who died during the Civil War fighting for the Confederate army. Personally, our Southern heritage is from North Carolina, which celebrates the holiday on May 10, but it’s never too early to start shopping!
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Eighth-graders benefit from research

After winning a Research Day gold medal at USC Aiken in 2009 for an oral presentation, junior Lauren Stephens didn’t place at this year’s event last Friday.
Yet the current project could prove even more rewarding, potentially impacting thousands of middle school students. Stephens, a secondary education major, has created a social studies curriculum based on [...]

Smallin Cave Reopens Today

A huge cave in Christian County is re-opening to the public today.
This will be the first official day of business at Smallin Civil War Cave in Ozark.
It was a popular attraction in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
The cave is still home to many unique fossils, a few bats and endangered animals. 
The first tour is this morning
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Battlefield Dispatches No. 208: ‘War Horses’

In the study of the Civil War, one of the most common questions is how many soldiers died in the war? The answer is more than 600,000 Americans (soldiers, sailors and marines) in both the Blue and the Gray died in battle, of wounds received in combat or disease in the Civil War. Another statistic [...]

Pennsylvania Invites World to Explore Its Civil War Trails on Google Earth

Pennsylvania today became the first state in the nation to use Google Earth and GigaPan as a means of inspiring travel through a new tool that enables people to explore the Pennsylvania Civil War Trails online.
“This new tool for Pennsylvania Civil War Trails will allow Pennsylvania to solidify its position as an industry ‘thought leader’ [...]

Matthew Broderick Learns Grandfather’s a War Hero on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ (Fri., 8PM ET on NBC) explains genealogy by tracing the family trees of famous celebrities. In the latest episode, actor Matthew Broderick learns some unexpected facts about his family. Broderick’s father died when he was 20 years old, so Broderick has a great deal to learn about his own [...]

Local group shows why black soldiers fought on both sides during Civil War

A little more than a year ago, Walter Anderson began researching the Buffalo Soldiers.
He was interested in learning more about his black heritage, and the famed first professional all-black army units established by Congress in 1866 seemed like a good place to start.
However, as Anderson surfed the Web and read through history books, he realized [...]

Signs of Rebellion

Officials in Richmond’s economic development department want to streamline the city’s cacophony of old and new signs — many pointing to historic sites. But one man in the city’s parks and recreation department is quietly — or not so quietly — busting through the red tape.
Ralph R. White, manager of the James River Park System, [...]

Schrader: The life of a Civil War soldier

In the first installment last Tuesday, this column detailed the life of the war horse known as “Old Charley” that spent its remaining years after the war on the Wesson family farm on Leland Road south of Waterman.
Today’s column will dwell on its owner, a Civil War soldier named Silas Dexter Wesson, also known as [...]