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Failing to remember the past

This month’s 150th anniversary of Alabama seceding from the United States went unmarked in the Yellow Hammer State.
And that’s a shame.
The Jan.11, 1861, secession declaration is certainly no cause for celebration, but it was a watershed event for Alabama, and should not be ignored regardless of the pain and embarrassment of the memory for some.
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Commentary: Slavery and Civil War’s truth

A century and a half ago, brother took up arms against brother. It was the bloodiest conflict in our nation’s history. According to the Military History Institute, there were more than 623,000 casualties.
This year, all across the North and South, there will be events commemorating the war’s sesquicentennial. Here in Macon, we have four new [...]

Gettysburg casino hoopla overshadows real preservation challenges

It’s all over except the decision from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. For the second time in five years, Gettysburg has been subjected to a pitched PR battle over the location of a gaming business.
The first was a proposed full-sized casino at routes 15 and 30, across the street from a cluster of hotels and [...]

Civil War: the root cause and the lost cause

With the approach of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, it’s rather predictable that neo-Confederates are rallying to the Lost Cause. I’ve written about Virginia’s travails before. Now, South Carolina, where secession began, is having its travails.
Monday in Charleston, the Sons of Confederate Veterans held a “secession ball” to celebrate the onset of the [...]

No CS, CSA or Upside Down US Buckles Please?

Good reenactors and living historians work hard to make sure that everything they have and do is of the proper time period. You wouldn’t want Abe Lincoln updating his Face Book page or Johnny Reb marching into battle with an AK-47. OK maybe some would on that last part.
Accuracy is the tough job facing the [...]

Editorial: Civil War observance on a shoestring budget

The Civil War might not be so tough. The real battle in Tennessee is finding the money for a proper remembrance of the 150th anniversary of that tragic conflict.
It is to the credit of this state’s Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission that it has done as much as it has with a very tight budget, a [...]

Chuck Hobbs: Start of the Confederacy is nothing to celebrate

Today marks the 150th anniversary of South Carolina’s bold secession from the Union. Several weeks later, on Jan. 10, 1861, Florida followed suit and became an independent entity for several weeks until early February, when it joined South Carolina and five other states to form the Confederate States of America.
By April of 1861, a total [...]

Sesquicentennial of Civil War should be commemorated

THE ISSUE: 150th anniversary of Civil War; OUR OPINION: Observances are not to be about celebration
The question was this: “How does visiting here make you feel?”
It came from a native Northerner, a newspaper editor accompanying a group of journalists from around the country to the Civil War battleground of Gettsyburg, scene of one of the [...]

A civil sesquicentennial

Tomorrow marks the 150th anniversary of South Carolina’s secession from the Union. Charleston’s place as the setting of that historic event and of the fateful firing on Fort Sumter less than five months later forever mark this city as center stage for the Civil War’s start.
And as our community, state and nation mark the sesquicentennial [...]

History on Line 1, sir

ULYSSES S. GRANT said that the Civil War could have been avoided but for “a poor set of politicians.” Like the poor generally, they will always be with us. But some Virginia politicians have behaved virtuously in the matter of Walmart’s lust for land important in the Battle of the Wilderness, where Grant and Robert [...]