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Renovating the Birthplace of WV’s Statehood

The birthplace of West Virginia’s statehood is getting a makeover.
Contractors have been renovating Independence Hall in Wheeling since last year. Travis Henline with the Division of Culture and History told The Intelligencer that restoration of damaged stone on the outside should be completed by mid-March.
Other improvements include plaster and painting repairs, updated windows, a new [...]


Almost exactly 150 years after the first shots of the Civil War were fired, another wave of volunteers is about to descend on America’s storied battlegrounds.  But this array of dedicated men and women will be armed with paint brushes, trash bags and weed whackers — not muskets — ready to help prepare these tangible [...]

Project preserves Civil War Manuscripts

Campbell County residents had the opportunity Jan. 21 to share their privately owned Civil War documents and photos with the public.
The opportunity for all Virginians to contribute to an online database of manuscripts will last until at least June 2012.
The Library of Virginia and a state commission leading Virginia’s observance of the 150th anniversary of [...]

Maury County Graveyard On Donation Deathbed

A century old graveyard could be at the end of its lifeline. Donations and funds to the Rose Hill Cemetery in Maury County are at an all time low and now caretakers are asking for the community’s help to keep this piece of local history alive.
It’s a place where civil war soldiers, generals, dignitaries and residents [...]

Katie Couric’s Notebook: The Civil War and Walmart

It’s been nearly 145 years since the end of the Civil War, and Walmart just surrendered.
The nation’s largest retailer recently announced it’s giving up plans to build a Supercenter near the site of an important Civil War battlefield.
The Battle of the Wilderness was fought over three brutal days in May 1864 – in the tangled [...]

East TN community restores cabin of last Civil War widow

Tucked away off a rural road in Grainger County, there’s a tiny, tin roof cabin that is easy to miss.
“The cabin is a little more than 200 years old,”says Del Morgan who lives in Blaine.
Aside from the red, white and blue paint, you’d never know it was home to one of the last Civil War [...]

Civil War Reconstructed

When Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman arrived here in June 1864, he wrote to his superiors, “The whole country is one vast fort.”
Gen. Sherman and his 100,000 men encountered 65,000 Confederates dug in along 12 miles of earthworks at Kennesaw Mountain. After fierce fighting, the rebels retreated to nearby Atlanta. Several more battles ensued before Union [...]

Parks chief praises Walmart

The National Park Service’s chief is among those praising the world’s largest retailer for deciding not to build a Supercenter at the Wilderness.
National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis reacted to Walmart’s abandonment of plans for a 143,000-square-foot store a cannon-shot from Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.
“Walmart has crafted a solution where battlefield resources and [...]

History buff wants to recreate cannon called ‘Old Sacramento’ used in sacking of Lawrence

The cannon that fired on the Free State Hotel during the sacking of Lawrence has lived a long, full life during the Civil War era in Kansas and Missouri. Now, however, it sits destroyed — a giant hole ripped through its side — in the Watkins Community Museum of History, 1047 Mass.
But that cannon, called [...]

Reaction to Walmart’s decision to seek a new site for Supercenter in Orange.

“By withdrawing the current proposal, the company has created an opportunity for all parties to work together to find an appropriate solution–one that will allow Walmart to pursue development
“It is a very historic site. In the litigation, the county had taken the position that nothing of importance happened on that site.