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Walmart decision to withdraw plan for Supercenter in Wilderness battlefield area brings stunning end to lawsuit

Walmart abruptly withdrew its plans yesterday for a Supercenter in the Wilderness battlefield area, leaving preservationists rejoicing, Orange County officials shocked and the retail giant looking for another site in the area.
The surprise announcement came yesterday morning as lawyers prepared to begin the second day of pre-trial hearings in a lawsuit challenging the county’s approval [...]


– In an unexpected development, Walmart announced this morning that it has abandoned plans to pursue a special use permit previously awarded to the retail giant for construction of a supercenter on the Wilderness Battlefield.  The decision came as the trial in a legal challenge seeking to overturn the special use permit was scheduled to [...]

Will historian be allowed to testify?

The Orange County Board of Supervisors wants to keep history out of the Wilderness Walmart dispute, and instead focus on local land-use issues in the high-profile case that starts today in circuit court.
Last week, the board’s attorneys filed a motion to quash the testimony of Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James McPherson. He is among several national [...]

Bill Lohmann: No easy answers in battle of preservationists vs. Wal-Mart

Almost 150 years after the first shots of the Civil War were fired, a modern battle commences in an Orange County courtroom tomorrow.
This time, it’s not North vs. South, but Preservationists vs. Wal-Mart.
History vs. Shopping would be the simple way to portray it.

Walmart near battlefield heads to court

Civil War history will be played out in a rural Virginia courtroom this week when Wal-Mart Stores Inc. defends a planned store near a hallowed site where Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant first met on the field of battle in 1864.
The trial in Orange County Circuit Court pits preservationists and residents against the [...]

Iconic Civil War Ship’s Salvaged Engine Gets TLC

The order to abandon ship came just after midnight. The USS Monitor, a Union ironclad, was taking on too much water, caught in a violent storm. At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 31, 1862, the Monitor was overcome, engulfed by the crashing waves.
Almost 150 years later, conservators are getting the first up-close look at the [...]

Kinston Gets Historic Land

The future looks good for an important part of Eastern North Carolina’s past, thanks to a local family.
Four sisters known as The Harper Girls have donated approximately three acres of land from the Civil War Battle of Kinston site. The land includes the “earthworks,” or bunkers used by Confederate forces during the battle fought in [...]

Students planning to unearth more Brunswick Town history in dig

Peace College will once again be bringing about 21 archaeology students from around the nation to Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson after a successful dig in 2009.
“We weren’t 100 percent sure it was going to happen again, but the enthusiasm the students had and the support from the college have brought the digs back,” said Jim McKee, [...]

Restoration efforts on Civil War steam engine progressing

Reporting from Newport News, Va. — When archaeologists and Navy divers recovered the warship Monitor’s steam engine from the Atlantic in 2001, the pioneering Civil War propulsion unit was enshrouded in a thick layer of marine concretion.
Sand, mud and corrosion combined with minerals in the deep waters off Cape Hatteras, N.C., to cloak every feature [...]

History on Line 1, sir

ULYSSES S. GRANT said that the Civil War could have been avoided but for “a poor set of politicians.” Like the poor generally, they will always be with us. But some Virginia politicians have behaved virtuously in the matter of Walmart’s lust for land important in the Battle of the Wilderness, where Grant and Robert [...]