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All about Abe: Why we’re still fascinated by Lincoln

Ask any school kid about Abraham Lincoln, and he’ll spit out these facts:
We call him Honest Abe. He was born poor in a one-room log cabin. He was our 16th president. He wore a top hat. He was very tall. He led the North in the Civil War. He abolished slavery. He gave the Gettysburg [...]

Commune with greatness at Lincoln’s tomb

Saturday marks the 202nd anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.
Coincidentally I had been planning to run today’s travel column on Lincoln’s tomb before I even realized the connection. Now it seems even more appropriate.
As long as I can remember I’ve admired Lincoln. Unlike Kenny Rogers, G.I. Joe and Don Johnson, Lincoln is one of the few [...]

Abraham Lincoln

Stories about Abraham Lincoln have attained the status of myth: he was born in a log cabin, he was a legendary debater, he freed the slaves, he saved the Union. The 16th U.S. president did come along at precisely the right moment for a nation wounded by its great flaw — slavery.
Lincoln laid out his [...]

The Lincoln Museum at Lincoln

Not all Lincoln museums are alike. Compare, for example, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM) in Springfield and the Lincoln Heritage Museum in Lincoln.
While the ALPLM uses state-of-the-art technology and recreated, life-size scenes from Lincoln’s life to tell his story, the much smaller Lincoln Heritage Museum at Lincoln College relies on artifacts to [...]

When SD Told Lincoln to Lump It

With the nation on the brink of the greatest catastrophe in its history, most San Diego County voters went to the polls 150 years ago this month and turned down the man who’d become America’s most beloved president.
Instead, they overwhelmingly voted for the pro-South rival who stood the furthest from him on the future of [...]

Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address and Little Falls

The recent movement of our Eastern Park Gettysburg Address monument to the corner opposite St. Mary’s Church to accommodate our new veterans monument affords us the opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of Lincoln‘s greatest words and their connection to all three Eastern Park monuments. Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address at the occasion of the [...]

A little girl’s letter …. 150 years ago

In Honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Famous Letter from Grace Bedell to Abraham Lincoln of Oct. 15, 1860, from Westfield, N.Y. …
Sixty years before American women received the right to vote, Grace Bedell, a school girl of 11 years old, living in Westfield, wrote her now-famous letter to Abraham Lincoln, Oct. 15, 1860, [...]

W-H students learn about ‘Lincoln and the Law’

A dozen students from Whitman-Hanson Regional High School were given a rare opportunity to hear from two of America’s leading scholars on Lincoln’s view of the law.
The third annual James Otis Lecture was recently held in the chamber of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Purported Lincoln photo remains a mystery

A framed photo dating back to August 1858 has been hanging in the Marie Louise Olmstead Museum in Somonauk for decades and has been the subject of much speculation and research over the years.
Now three Leland history buffs have renewed the effort to identify some of the people in the photo at the time of [...]

A visit from Mr. President

Allow me to tweak a minor detail of American history regarding Abraham Lincoln.
It’s this business of using past-tense verbs in the context of Mr. Sixteenth President.
Please repeat after me:
‘Abraham Lincoln wears (not wore) a stovepipe hat, black frock coat, black suit and black boots. ‘He is (not was) a rail splitter. ‘He delivers (not delivered) [...]