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Conestoga native Abraham J. Quamony left more than seven children behind when he died in 1912.
Quamony, a veteran who served with the United States Colored Troops, left a legacy of African-American pride that was felt Sunday by three descendants and several dozen other people who gathered to pay tribute to black soldiers who fought in [...]

Civil War marker dedicated 149 years after battle

For the first time in history, the Civil War soldiers who gave their lives at Monday’s Hollow have been remembered for their service. The Sons of Confederate Veterans performed an authentic Civil War military ceremony for the 39 (to as many as 62, according to accounts) Confederate soldiers and one Union soldier who were killed [...]

After 146 years Civil War soldier gets proper burial

Final preporations are being made to re-bury the remains of a Confederate Soldier. Captain Phillip Thurmond was killed in battle during the Civil War over 146 years ago. His remains are being put to rest in a handmade casket. Crews are making final preparations to re-bury the remains of a Confederate Soldier.
Capt. Phillip Thurmond was [...]

Easton to Honor Civil War POW

Olius Lyon will get a long overdue memorial service on Nov. 11. The Civil War private from Easton died in a confederate prison in Salisbury, N.C., in 1864.
Lyon enlisted in Company E of the 12th Connecticut Infantry. He was captured at the Battle of Cedar Creek in Virginia and was later buried in a mass [...]

Sons of Confederate Vets plan memorial service

The local Sons of Confederate Veterans camp plans to take advantage of the fall weather and hold its first memorial service at the historic Millville Cemetery on Saturday.
The group’s mission is to preserve heritage and educate people about the Civil War, commander Norman Fowler said. Many members of the 15-man-strong camp participate in reenactments.

Putnam County Commissioners Briefed On Confederate Soldier Burial

The town of Winfield will host a military funeral later this month.
Putnam County Commissioners got an update on the event this morning…
On Oct. 30, 1,500 Civil War re-enactors will take part in the reburial of Confederate Army Captain Phillip Thurmond at the Hoge House with full military honors. His remains were discovered last spring.

Ceremony held to honor last Civil War veteran in Jackson County

A ceremony was held on Saturday, Oct. 9 to honor Private Barak Chase, the last Union soldier of the Civil War to live and die in Jackson County.
The ceremony was held at Chase’s grave site in the Evergreen Cemetery outside of Coalton. It was conducted by the Cadot-Blessing Camp of the Sons of Union Veterans [...]

Union dead honored at ceremony

Confederate reenactors fire a salute during a ceremony Saturday to honor five Union Army soldiers for whom marble tombstones were placed and unveiled 145 years after their deaths in Richmond County.
Representatives of Confederate and Union armies met once again Saturday on a farm west of  Rockingham in Richmond County, this time as reenactors descended from [...]

Civil War veterans honored

Little is known about a man buried 118 years ago in the Colusa Cemetery — only that he probably came from a small village in Chautauqua County, New York, and that he fought in the Civil War.
No flowers adorned his grave on Memorial Day and no family came forward to claim kinship during a special [...]

Civil War veterans’ graves will be rededicated

The Third Minnesota Volunteer Infantry re-enactors will conduct a fallen-soldier ceremony when Civil War stars are rededicated at 2 p.m. Oct. 3 at the Zumbrota Cemetery.
Refurbishing the stars is the project of Eagle Scout Corbin Renken.