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Another picture of Confederate general raises controversy in Culpeper-this time it’s Gen. Robert E. Lee

Confederate Civil War generals just seem to stay in the news in Culpeper.
For nearly a decade, the portrait of Gen. A.P. Hill, a Culpeper native, has been a center of controversy. Now a picture–actually two pictures in a single frame–of Gen. Robert E. Lee have been brought into the fray.
In a terse letter to the [...]

History buff wants to recreate cannon called ‘Old Sacramento’ used in sacking of Lawrence

The cannon that fired on the Free State Hotel during the sacking of Lawrence has lived a long, full life during the Civil War era in Kansas and Missouri. Now, however, it sits destroyed — a giant hole ripped through its side — in the Watkins Community Museum of History, 1047 Mass.
But that cannon, called [...]

Lincoln pardon to be pulled

A pardon signed by Abraham Lincoln, with a date altered to make it appear to be one of the president’s final acts before his assassination, will be taken out of circulation at the National Archives, which disclosed the tampering this week.

The document, which the Archives says was changed by a Woodbridge history buff to amplify [...]

Stolen Civil War Weapon Finally Found (Video)

A gun used in the Civil War, then stolen from the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond has been recovered more than three decades after the theft.
The museum considered the .36 caliber Spiller and Burr revolver used by General George Washington Rains one of its most prized possessions.
“This is one of the very first and [...]

Search comes to a close: Heir of Civil War vet to receive discharge papers

A nationwide search for the rightful heirs of a Civil War soldier’s discharge papers led the South Carolina Treasurer’s Office to Capt. Ira Cory’s great-grandson in Ohio.
Treasurer Curtis Loftis today will return to Robert Cory the documents found in an abandoned safe deposit box.

Maine man collects Civil War letters

One September day in 1862, Portland doctor D.V. Fortin penned a lengthy letter to his mother, Mrs. John Perley, who lived in Freedom.
The doctor wrote about the patients he was treating in Washington, D.C., soldiers felled by “Rebels” during the Civil War.

Civil War letters come to New Ulm museum

The Schilling brothers’ eight letters penned in 1862 evince an extraordinary time in American history as well as a painful part of New Ulm’s past.
The Brown County Historical Society Museum has acquired the documents from descendants of Louis and August Schilling, Union soldiers from New Ulm who sent letters from Civil War battlefields to family [...]

Boat, possibly Civil War-era, emerges on Hilton Head shore

Coastal waters uncovered a potential piece of Civil War-era history discovered last week by a visiting diplomat on a Hilton Head Island beach.
Sea Pines resident Sally Peterson was walking on the beach in Sea Pines with her brother, Peter Thomson, and his family, who were visiting for the holidays. Thomson is a Fiji diplomat and [...]

USC archaeologists locate wreck of Confederate gunboat

A University of South Carolina archaeologist has found the wreck of C.S.S. Peedee, a Confederate gunboat that was destroyed by Confederate forces so it would not be captured by Union forces, in the Pee Dee River.
The discovery comes 18 months after underwater archaeologist Chris Amer confirmed the presence of two of three cannon from the [...]

Students planning to unearth more Brunswick Town history in dig

Peace College will once again be bringing about 21 archaeology students from around the nation to Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson after a successful dig in 2009.
“We weren’t 100 percent sure it was going to happen again, but the enthusiasm the students had and the support from the college have brought the digs back,” said Jim McKee, [...]