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Price of Custer flag a reminder

Bismarck-Mandan has a close relationship with George Armstrong Custer and the U.S. Seventh Cavalry.
It was from here that Custer and his command departed for the Little Big Horn and the terrible battle that left an indelible mark in history. Now, more than 134 years later, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, and the reconstructed Custer House [...]

Restoration efforts on Civil War steam engine progressing

Reporting from Newport News, Va. — When archaeologists and Navy divers recovered the warship Monitor’s steam engine from the Atlantic in 2001, the pioneering Civil War propulsion unit was enshrouded in a thick layer of marine concretion.
Sand, mud and corrosion combined with minerals in the deep waters off Cape Hatteras, N.C., to cloak every feature [...]

PBS’ ‘History Detectives’ explores metal shavings

Does a vial of metal shavings contain metal from one of the Confederacy’s most famous guns?
That’s the question the PBS show History Detectives tried to answer last week during a visit to Charleston.
An antique dealer found a corked test tube with what looked like metal filings while browsing at an estate sale.

Our history tattered and torn

A handmade Confederate flag carried during the Battle of Santa Rosa Island during the Civil War will get an extensive and expensive makeover.
West Florida Historic Preservation Inc. is trying to raise $13,500 to repair and preserve the 66-inch-by-44-inch wool-and-cotton flag.

Archives to showcase Civil War items

Rare documents, photos, letters, pamphlets and books, most of them dealing with West Virginia’s role in the Civil War, will be on public display during “A Gathering Storm,” the second annual West Virginia Archives and History Showcase, which starts at 7 p.m. Monday.
“We see this as a good time for the people of West Virginia [...]

PBS to find out if shavings are from famous Civil War cannon

Does a vial of metal shavings in fact contain metal from one of the Confederacy’s most famous guns?
That’s the question that the cast and crew of PBS’ “History Detectives” television series are trying to answer this week during their visit here.
A Charleston antique dealer had found a corked test tube with what looked like metal [...]

Bible makes exodus back to Confederate soldier’s Lynchburg home

The obituary of Confederate veteran Dewitt Clinton Guy in the Lynchburg Daily Virginian of Jan. 7, 1889 noted: “He was true to his colors and never apologized for the part he took in the lost cause.”
Guy’s part was to fight with the 11th Virginia Infantry throughout the Civil War, receiving wounds at the battles of [...]

Family to donate fatal Tod Carter bullet

One hundred forty-six years ago today, one bullet out of thousands fired that day struck a 24-year-old man named Theodrick “Tod” Carter just outside his boyhood home.
Carter was a Franklin boy and a Confederate soldier who hadn’t seen his home in three years. He lay bleeding about 100 yards away from the farmhouse — today, [...]

Civil War ammo pouch deserves extra care

“When my grandparents died 26 years ago I found this bag in their attic,” wrote Steve Walker of Macomb to Trash or Treasure recently.”My grandparents lived on a centennial farm in Ionia, Michigan. I have had this item stored in a box since that time and have always wanted to get more information on it.”
CLICK [...]

S.C. is home to nation’s most important forgotten document

The People’s Vote, an initiative sponsored in part by the National Archives, allowed Americans to vote for our nation’s 100 most important documents. The Declaration of Independence (1776, #1), the Constitution (1787, #2), and the Bill of Rights (1791, #3) received the most votes. Also among the top 10 were the Emancipation Proclamation (1863, #5), [...]