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Va boy finds apparent Civil War sword

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.
A week after receiving a metal detector for his seventh birthday, Lucas Hall’s gift is already paying dividends for the first-grader.
While metal detecting with his father, Gary, on private property outside Berryville, Lucas had a feeling the two needed to stop and look.

To arrive in Michigan’s Henry Ford museum, Lincoln’s fateful chair took circuitous journey

Some time before the April 14, 1865, performance of “Our American Cousin,” Joe Simms, a Ford’s Theatre employee, carried a lushly upholstered rocking chair into what was to become the presidential box. The chair belonged to theater manager Harry Clay Ford and was among items moved in to make the presidential party more comfortable.
After the [...]

Fort Monroe moat yields scattered debris

An up-close look at one of Virginia’s most unique features — an honest-to-God moat that circles a fort — has yet to unearth anything weird or exciting.
No carcass of an undiscovered sea creature. No corpses of long-lost gangsters.
But for those undertaking the very serious work of cleaning up Fort Monroe, lack of excitement is good [...]

Fort Mason yields surprise historical trove

A pile of bones and bottles dug up the other day at historic Fort Mason has a tale to tell of the Civil War, medicine and the way San Franciscans lived as many as 150 years ago – but it may take months to decipher it.
In the meantime, archaeologists and historians are just thankful that [...]

Shipwreck near Fort De Soto may receive state designation

Roughly two miles west of Fort De Soto Park, in about 18 feet of water, lies what’s left of the USS Narcissus, a Civil War tugboat that exploded after hitting a shoal in 1866, killing all 29 people on board.
When the state started surveying the wreck in the 1990s, there wasn’t much for divers to [...]

Anthropology department unearths Civil War history

MU professors and graduates are digging up the past to learn more about the conditions for soldiers during the Civil War at Camp Misery in Stafford County, Va.
“Try to imagine, if you would, spending three months in a building that was probably not much more than about 14 or 15 feet long and eight feet [...]

Civil War love letters donated to thrift store

It looked like just another box of worthless papers when an anonymous donor dropped it off at a Kirkland thrift shop. But soon, workers realized they had a pristine record of U.S. Civil War on their hands; 15 perfectly intact letters written by, what store workers are convinced, a lonely soldier.
“Certainly, it sounds like love [...]

Confederate records found

Daphne Hopson, clad in white gloves, slowly opened the document. It was amber with age and slightly lighter along the creases where transparent tape once kept it from tearing.
“I don’t want to hurt it,” she said.
Spidery handwriting inside revealed it was a muster roll from the Thomson Guards, a McDuffie County company that had been [...]

Group close to raising needed money for cannon

A fundraising dinner Saturday night might have put a local group on the brink of raising the needed money to restore the Civil War-era cannon of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman.
Heading into Saturday’s dinner and auction at the Eagles Event Center, the Save the Cannon committee had raised about $17,000 of its goal of $23,000. That [...]

Historians examine Civil War-era artifacts

Tucked away in attics, stashed in boxes or hanging from walls are bits and pieces of Civil War-era America and its stories.
It’s found in a girl’s ceramic dolls made more than a century ago, or on a tattered sheet of paper with the names of long-dead soldiers. Or, in a much bigger way, through a [...]