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Laurel resident wins a national book award

When Laurel resident Patrick Young was a child listening to stories about Old Abe, an eagle that supposedly brought good luck to Union soldiers fighting in the Midwest during the Civil War, he never imagined he’d one day write a book about it, let alone win an award for his work.

But when the National Parenting [...]

‘Profiles of Valor’ book signing set

Author and State Sen. Dennis Black of Lynnville will sign copies of his most recent book Saturday during the annual Christmas by the Lake festival in Clear Lake.
Black will sign copies of “Profiles of Valor: Iowa’s Medal of Honor Recipients of the Civil War” at 10 a.m. Saturday at Dana’s Decorating Studio & Gift Shop, [...]

Civil War Historian to Talk About Lew Wallace Book

Author and noted Civil War historian Gail Stephens will discuss her new Lew Wallace book at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Salter Hall.
Stephens’ talk will be titled “Rejected: How Lew Wallace Rebounded from Civil War Shame to Save Washington D.C.” Her new book is “Shadow of Shiloh” about Crawfordsville native Lew Wallace.

The Britons who died for the Stars and Stripes: How thousands of volunteers gave their lives in America’s Civil War

At the height of the battle, sparks from artillery shells lit the underbrush, transforming the scrubby wilderness into a roaring furnace.
Men from both sides of the war were lost, confused and trapped together in a living hell as the scrub pine in the woods flared up with a sickening roar.
Soldiers could see their comrades waving [...]

Book commemorates the role Kelleys Island played in the Civil War

On April 15, 1862, President Lincoln issued a proclamation calling for 75,000 militiamen. A week later, the first Kelleys Island men answered that call. The South had seceeded from the Union, this was the ….

Book review: ‘The Grand Design’ offers new insights concerning Civil War

More books have been written about the Civil War than any other event in American history, so it is surprising when you discover a study that breaks new ground. “The Grand Design” provides a comprehensive analysis of the strategy pursued by both sides during the Civil War and presents new insights into the reasons for [...]

Author to sign his Civil War book at Fort Fisher on Saturday

McKendree R. “Mike” Long III will sign copies of his Civil War novel “No Good Like It Is,” from 2 to 5 p.m. Nov. 13 in the visitors’ center at the Fort Fisher State Historic Site.

A 1960 graduate of New Hanover High School, Long was a career paratrooper in the U.S. Army, serving two tours [...]

Book: This Terrible Sound

As a grandparent, I will one day be able to sit back in my rocking chair and say to my slightly bored grandkids, “You youngsters aren’t as fancy as you think you are. People had blogs way back in the mid-1800s. They called them letters.”
Peter Cozzens has written a trilogy of books on the campaign [...]

‘On Hallowed Ground’ sounds amazing

He was somebody’s baby once, and treasured.
His mother carried him nine months, anticipating the day she’d meet him; his father secretly hoped for a boy. His arrival was heralded, his childhood happy, his adolescence fleeting. He grew up to be a fine man, loved by family and friends, known for valor and conviction.

Lady spies of the Civil War given their due

Historical nonfiction has never really been my genre of choice. I love fiction for its ability to keep my attention with a lively narrative arc and complex characters and for its way of transporting me to a different world. This book had all of those elements. And best of all, it’s true.
In “Stealing Secrets,” author [...]