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Mine Creek Battlefield to reopen for spring and summer

PLEASANTON — The Kansas Historical Society has announced that Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site will reopen its visitor center exhibits Wednesday, April 7, 2010, for the spring and summer travel season. Visitor center hours are 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday through the last Saturday in October.
Visitors are welcome to tour the [...]

Milam’s mystery Civil War-era battle still baffles

Before shots were fired at Fort Sumter, the War Between the States almost got its start in San Antonio. At a U.S. military post within the Alamo there was a confrontation between the blue and the gray before the Union commander conceded and turned over arms to the Confederacy.
Despite its dramatic entry into the Civil [...]

Soldiers Get Lesson in History

Dozens of army soldiers got quite the lesson in history Saturday.
The men and women took what’s called a Walking History Tour.
They went to the site of the Civil War’s “Battle of Utoy Creek” which is now present day southwest Atlanta.
There — through a re-enactment — they learned about the battle that was fought there and [...]

Hiking tours in April to mark Shiloh’s Civil War battles

Shiloh National Military Park will offer in-depth hikes of the Civil War battlefield April 6-8 to mark the anniversary of the conflict’s bloodiest fight.
Park Rangers and experienced historical guides will lead 12 hikes, six on April 6, four on April 7, and two on April 8.
“These hikes will provide visitors with a deeper understanding of [...]

Community asked to help with interpreting Civil War battle

Kinston and Lenoir County’s Historical Preservation Group is asking members of the public to attend a meeting Thursday and offer their ideas on how best to interpret the First Battle of Kinston.
“There might be some people in the community who can come and share some stories that have been passed down,” HPG President Jane Phillips [...]

Exploring the battle of the Wilderness

It is Feb. 22, 1864 and Abraham Lincoln has recently passed his 55th birthday.
There is no celebration as his presidency is not going well. The rebellion of the southern states was not quashed in a few months. Just the opposite in fact, it had been nearly three year-long years; the Federal deficit was growing exponentially [...]

Ball’s Bluff Guides Needed

Those with a love of history, particularly of the Civil War era, may want to sign up to be a guide at Ball’s Bluff Battlefield this spring.
The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, which owns the park, plans to open its 11th season of regularly scheduled battlefield tours in April.
The park authority is in need of [...]

Big Sandy battle remembered

148 years ago on Sunday, Confederate and Union soldiers fought for supremacy in the Big Sandy region.
At the time, there was a growing Confederate presence in the area.
Colonel James Garfield led Union troops to the area to try and take the Confederates out of Kentucky. Ultimately, the Union prevailed.

Battle of Guilford Courthouse gets its due

From Hollywood to the history shelf, the Civil War was a widescreen epic, while the American Revolution has too often been a footnote. One of the most important battles of the Revolution happened in what is now Greensboro on March 15, 1781, but, over the past century, Americans have treated that war as an afterthought.
The [...]

Battle of Kingsport, Part Two

On the Union side of the battle of Kingsport almost all of the men doing the fighting were local boys from East Tennessee and were all cavalry. I figure that is how they knew about and took advantage of Kyle’s Ford to get behind the Rebels so fast.
The best overall description of the battle that [...]