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Camp Milton, Fla.: Little-known Civil War site

History and nature have combined in a little-known park which was once the major Confederate military base in north Florida near the end of the Civil War.
In 1864, Camp Milton was a key Confederate installation aimed at blocking Union advances toward Baldwin, a supply center and rail head. Florida was a big supplier of cattle, [...]

Skirmish at Hanging Dog Creek was one of Civil War’s last

For a month after Lee’s surrender at Appomattox on April 9, 1865, the Civil War continued in the mountains. The last clash — or skirmish, or battle — east of the Mississippi occurred May 6 on Hanging Dog Creek.
Hanging Dog Creek tumbles through what is now the Nantahala Game Land, north of Murphy, and flows [...]

The Battle of Sunshine Church

The battle of Sunshine Church was a very historic and important Calvary engagement in July of 1864 between the Union troops of General Stoneman and the Confederate troops of General Iverson. The battle took place on the Hillsboro Road (now Highway ll) halfway between Round Oak and Wayside at a small church named Sunshine Church [...]

Battle of Hanover: A key to victory at Gettysburg

Joyce Linkey said her grandmother used to tell the story of how her family, which lived outside McSherrystown in the early 1860s, would post a young boy high in a tree to keep watch for coming Union or Confederate troops.
The Hanover-area native and Lancaster resident said her grandmother used to say the young sentry wasn’t [...]

The battleground at Raymond

When Civil War battles in Mississippi are mentioned, those most often referred to are the Battle of Vicksburg and the Battle of Shiloh. Little attention is given to a decisive battle which took place southwest of Raymond in 1863. I recently spent a morning walking through the Raymond Battlefield with my son and two grandsons.
In [...]

Make way for Gen. John Hunt Morgan

It was the famous Confederate Raider John Hunt Morgan who personally directed the attack on Union troops near Milton.
“Open ranks! Open ranks for the general,” commanded the staff of one of the most glamorous soldiers of the Civil War.
Morgan, receiving word of the Army of Cumberland’s reconnaissance in force in the Auburntown area, moved from [...]

A Derry medal in American Civil War

(Ireland) – On the 5th August 1864, during the American Civil War, the Battle of Mobile Bay took place under Admiral David Farragut for the Union side and Admiral Franklin Buchanan for the Confederacy. During the action, which reports say lasted about 2 hours,
14 men born in Ireland (among many others) performed acts of gallantry [...]

CWPT Launches Cedar Creek Campaign

$30 to $1 Donation Match: One of Our Biggest Ever
Confederate General Jubal Early knows his time is running out… He must attack or he must pull back for lack of supplies. Federal General Phil Sheridan believes that Early’s forces are no longer a threat, and he leaves the army to attend a conference in Washington. [...]

Tactics give Union a victory at Vaught’s Hill

When it came to the outcome of the Civil War, the Battle of Vaught’s Hill was not a factor, but the bloody little battle fought near Milton community is brimming with interesting facts.
The battle’s outcome showed growing maturity of the Union Army of the Cumberland in the months following Stones River and demonstrated how proper [...]

Battle on the bay: Civil War comes to Galveston

A cascade of events led to the breakup of the Union and the onset of the Civil War. Growing division within the United States during the 1850s led to the movement of secession, which culminated in Southern states leaving the Union.
Galvestonians were divided on the issue of secession. Prominent Galveston attorney William Pitt Ballinger spoke [...]