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Blue, gray to set up camp at Harlinsdale

The Park at Harlinsdale Farm gets its first tryout as a Civil War re-enactment site next month.
An estimated 1,500 attendees and Civil War re-enactors are expected to use the 200-acre park Oct. 16-17 to commemorate the Battle of Franklin as part of a Civil War Days event.

Civil War Reenactment Set at Cold Spring Village

The troops of the Blue and Gray will take the field at Historic Cold Spring Village’s popular annual Civil War Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Sept.11th and 12th from 10 am to 4:30 pm.
Visitors can tour Union and Confederate camps and speak with the authentically clad military and civilian reenactors throughout each day.

Civil War reenactment takes observers ‘back in time’

The battle loomed. And minutes before the Union and Confederate skirmish lines clashed Sunday, soldiers fidgeted with their muskets.
Or stared at their battle-weary boots as the sun topped the Tehachapi Mountains, north of Los Angeles.
“Loads of trepidation, we’ll be taking on the cannon,” said U.S. Army Capt. Peter Swavely, of the 2nd Vermont Regiment. “The [...]

Let the battle begin

President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln will return for the Ninth Annual Battle of Richmond Re-enactment Weekend Aug. 28-29.
Larry and Mary Elliott will portray the 16th president and first lady at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 28 in the outdoor presentation area behind Pleasant View farmhouse at Battlefield Park.

Civil War reenactors keep it real at Renfrew

“Battle” conditions seem to have improved in the past 146 years.
The living historians participating in the 30th annual encampment and battles at Renfrew Park this weekend took great strides to be authentic. But there are certain advantages now to participation, including ice, handheld radios for coordination, and a golf cart to carry the victorious colonel [...]

Civil War life, battle recreated as part of fest

Abraham Lincoln stood on the grounds of The Oaks to give the Union soldiers words of encouragement Saturday afternoon before they battled the Confederates.
The Lincoln in Bloomington Festival brought the Union’s 10th Illinois Volunteer Calvary Regiment to the area to camp out and re-enact military life during the Civil War.

Civil War Reenactment comes to life in El Dorado Park

This weekend, July 31 and August 1, “The Civil War Remembered” will bring together hundreds of uniformed combatants from the North and South to re-create the epic conflict of the Civil War on the fields of Long Beach’s El Dorado East Regional Park. This is one of the premier re-enactments in the western states with [...]

Civil War returns to Robert Moses State Park during reenactment July 24, 25

The sights and sounds of the Civil War will fill Robert Moses State Park at the ninth annual St. Lawrence County Historical Association Civil War Reenactment Weekend Saturday and Sunday, July 24 and 25.
Union and Confederate reenactors will stage mock battles, perform military drills, talk about camp life, and demonstrate such skills as coffin-making, cooking, [...]

Union, Confederate forces clash

For four days in July, Charlton Park became Winchester, Va., and the site of another struggle between the blue and the gray.
The wooded, riverfront park, populated by several Barry County buildings that had been moved there for historic preservation purposes, was the site of the 2010 Charlton Park Civil War Muster, happening for the 18th [...]

North and South to clash in Battle of Oconee this weekend

Once more this weekend the forces of North and South will clash in Oconee County’s Toxaway Valley.
The third annual Battle of Oconee re-enactment will start with registration today and continue Saturday and Sunday.
“We have over 90 re-enactors who have reregistered,” said Gerald Rackley, of the 2nd S.C. Rifles and chief organizer of the event. “We [...]