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Haymarket, Journey To Get State Funds

The Commonwealth Transportation Board has awarded $3.5 million in transportation enhancement grants to support Virginia’s commemoration of the Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) of the American Civil War.
The Town of Haymarket and the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership were among the recipients.

Board tables request for another monument

Just before the new statue of the Confederate soldier was put into place on the Franklin County Courthouse lawn Tuesday afternoon, the board of supervisors tabled a proposal to erect an additional monument to be placed with the statue.
The proposed monument, a 4-foot high granite commemorative column, would honor men and women of color, both [...]

Historic Allentown cemetery to receive funds from beyond the grave

The Union and West End Cemetery has seen better days. That’s clear from the overgrown and toppled graves, the occasional pile of human feces.
At least, volunteer Bonnie Strunk Brasted said, picking up trash with her husband Thursday morning, it isn’t as bad as it was a few years ago.
“We would walk through here and notice [...]

City gives grant money to Civil War museum

Tiffin City Council approved the transfer of $51,400 in Community Development Block Grants to the American Civil War Museum of Ohio during its meeting Monday evening.
The museum, which is to be located in the Cornerstone Building on South Washington Street, needs an additional $50,000 before work may begin, and the project must be completed by [...]

Aldermen finalize plans for memorial

The Georgetown City Council dealt with another controversial decision regarding the downtown war memorial Monday.
The All Other Wars committee is done researching and raising money for a four-stone memorial that is to be placed next to the existing World War II memorial in the downtown park on the northeast corner of the square.
However, after detailed [...]

Manassas contributes money to help with Civil War anniversary

Plans are coming together for the happenings on the 150th anniversary, or sesquicentennial, of the Civil War in Manassas in 2011.
The Manassas City Council recently jumped in with $154,400 to help Historic Manassas Inc. and the Manassas Museum with events leading to the commemoration from July 21 to July 24.
The Manassas Museum Associates contributed another [...]

Md. County Eyes Special Status For Civil War Sites

Washington County is considering a proposal that could bring more recognition to the Civil War Battle of South Mountain.
The county commissioners could vote Tuesday on whether to recommend that three battlefields on the mountain be added to the National Register of Historic Places.
The listings would bring more attention to the sites and make their private [...]

Textbook battle goes late and loud

An expansion of what Texas public schools teach about the Confederacy’s rationale for secession – from a speech that didn’t mention slavery — was just another battle in the State Board of Education’s own civil war as the panel edged closer early Friday to adopting controversial new social studies curriculum standards.
The board approved a new [...]

Hearing Held on Senator Webb’s Bill to Expand Petersburg Battlefield

Yesterday the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks held a hearing on Senator Jim Webb’s (D-VA) legislation, the Petersburg National Battlefield Boundary Modification Act (S.2953), to expand and preserve Civil War battlefields in Virginia.
“The conflicts at Petersburg were the most extensive and complex battles of the entire war,” said Senator Webb.  “The preservation [...]

Council eyes use of grant for Civil War museum

Tiffin City Council members heard an update on the use of Community Development Block Grants to fund work being done on the American Civil War Museum of Ohio, during a Street, Sidewalk and Sewer Committee meeting Monday evening.
The museum recently was awarded a $220,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Development discretionary fund, which must [...]