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Weather Delay

We ask for your understanding today. We must  delay/postpone news and trivia today. Our small town here in West TN experienced horrendous flooding over the weekend (almost seventeen inches in 48 hrs.) , and we have quite a mess to clean up. We hope to be in better shape by Tuesday. Thanks for your patience.

Scheduling change for one week

For the next week, news will be posted in the afternoon rather than the morning. We appreciate your understanding.

Monday is a Federal Holiday – Updates resume Tuesday

A Thank You – and A Last Call To Help

Yesterday we asked that if CWi Newswire is important to you, that you consider a donation after we were hit with server bills 200% higher than last years. We want to thank those who donated, and give those who didn’t one last chance to help. We’d like to serve you for another 14 years, but [...]

If You Enjoy NewsWire, Consider Helping Out

We began presenting Civil War news in a blog format one year ago, after presenting it on regular web pages for 13 years before that. One of the main reasons we did it was so that all old stories would remain, easily located through tags and categories, as an expansive news archive. In the last year, [...]

End of Year Break

CWi will be taking our end of the year break. We will return Monday, January 4, 2010.
All of us here wish to thank you for reading. We’ll be using the break to update and “spiffy-up” the site. We look forward to starting our 14th year of bringing you daily Civil War news. Have a safe [...]

No updates due to illness.

We hope to see you Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving

CWi will not publish Thursday or Friday. We hope all of you have a great holiday!

No Updates Veterans Day

We’ll be taking a break tommorow due to the holiday. I’d like to thank all of my fellow vets for their service.

No News Today Due to Federal Holiday

CWi does not update on federal holidays. See you Tuesday.