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Another picture of Confederate general raises controversy in Culpeper-this time it’s Gen. Robert E. Lee

Confederate Civil War generals just seem to stay in the news in Culpeper.
For nearly a decade, the portrait of Gen. A.P. Hill, a Culpeper native, has been a center of controversy. Now a picture–actually two pictures in a single frame–of Gen. Robert E. Lee have been brought into the fray.
In a terse letter to the [...]

Group commemorating anniversary of start of Civil War

There’s something about visiting the battlefields of the Civil War that gives Don Moody a feeling unlike any other.
“You can read about those places, but until you actually have your feet on the ground, you don’t realize what they’re talking about,” Moody said.

Anoka County History: Anoka’s role in the Civil War

April 5 marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War, sometimes known as the War Between the States.
Although this war was fought principally in the Southeastern U.S. with the state of Virginia hosting the most battles, 173 to be exact, many men from Anoka County signed up to fight for the [...]

Civil War group to help raise funds for monument project

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Walter H. French Camp No. 17, Carthage, has agreed to help with fundraising efforts for Watertown’s Soldiers and Sailors Monument restoration project.
At its annual meeting Saturday, City Planner Michael A. Lumbis outlined the project and what steps will be taken to restore the 120-year-old monument to [...]

Library displays Civil War dental kit

The Rosenberg Library Museum is displaying a rare dental surgeon’s field kit from the Civil War as the February Treasure of the Month.
This unusually large kit was manufactured by John D. Chevalier, the first dental supply house in the United States, established in New York in 1833.
The kit is believed to originally have belonged to [...]

Illinois sets up website for Civil War anniversary

Illinois plans an online list of events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.
The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency will launch a website Tuesday and include a comprehensive events calendar from 2011 to 2015. It will be updated throughout that period. Agency director Jan Grimes says she hopes the website will become an officials guide [...]

Kansas Day: Patriot Flag flies over Fort Scott

“Happy birthday, Kansas!”
That exclamation by local veteran Jim Scott kicked off local events celebrating Kansas’ 150th birthday and a small ceremony associated with the raising of the Patriot Flag — a 30-by-58 foot, 60-pound United States flag — on Saturday at Skubitz Plaza near the Fort Scott National Historic Site. The flag flew in front [...]

Civil War Reconstructed

When Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman arrived here in June 1864, he wrote to his superiors, “The whole country is one vast fort.”
Gen. Sherman and his 100,000 men encountered 65,000 Confederates dug in along 12 miles of earthworks at Kennesaw Mountain. After fierce fighting, the rebels retreated to nearby Atlanta. Several more battles ensued before Union [...]

The continuing fight over the Civil War and its cause

Keeping in mind that 82-year-old Georgia Ayers has six children, 10 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren, and has taught and mentored several thousand more, the most uncomfortable question she’s ever been asked by a youngster has nothing to do with sex or reproduction.
“Whew!” Ayers, an elder stateswoman and unofficial historian in Miami’s African American community [...]

N.J. historians track down Civil War veteran’s grave at Hillside cemetery family plot

Forget those grade-school history lessons and all that talk of April 12, 1861 — the supposed start of the Civil War.
It was this month, 150 years ago, when a scrappy bunch of Citadel cadets lit a fuse and fired a cannonball across the bow of the Star of the West as the steamer churned toward [...]