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Building a Civil War: NorbSoftDev on Designing Scourge of War Gettysburg

Gettysburg: Scourge of War isn’t a real-time strategy game for the masses. It has a perfectly functional interface, but you’d never call it “slick.” It’s more study-intensive than the comparably simplistic Total War series but yields commensurately higher returns. It tackles the mother of all Civil War battles with aplomb and occasionally startling historical verisimilitude, [...]

Cyber Monday ads Take Command 2nd Manassas at Walmart Gamestop & More

Sick of getting directionally challenged? Get an amazing bargain on video games so that you never lose your way again! Stores like Best Buy & more will be giving out huge deals on video games from the top manufacturers. Get ads on games for Xbox PSP, Nintendo DS at major stores [elect:all over|all around|across] [...]

Cyber Monday bargains Civil War: Secrets of the North & South (Hidden Mysteries) at Best Buy Gamestop & More

Tired of being lost? Snag an awesome deal on video games so that you never lose your way again! Retailers like Walmart & many more will be releasing huge ads on video games by the best brands. Get sales on video games for PC Playstation 3, Nintendo DS at well-known outlets [elect:all over|all around|across] [...]

Publisher plans to correct errors in Virginia history textbook

Responding to national media attention sparked by factual inaccuracies, the publisher of a fourth-grade Virginia history textbook has announced it will begin printing revised editions early next year.
The new versions will correct a sentence that inaccurately states the combat role of Southern blacks in the Confederate military and replace a photo of an animal that [...]

Gettysburg Casino A Step Closer To Construction

A proposed casino near the hallowed ground of Gettysburg cleared a hurdle Wednesday
Adams County commissioners by a 2-1 vote approved a plan to build a 307-room hotel and casino, which would have 600 slot machines and 50 table games.

City seeks tenant for landmark President Street Station

Baltimore is set to designate President Street Station, an 1850s train depot with chapters in the histories of both the Underground Railroad and the Civil War, as a city landmark. But the city’s plan to also seek a long-term tenant to revitalize the vacant building has a group of history buffs fearful that the building’s [...]

Civil War history etched into church

 In this quiet Accomack County community, it’s hard to believe the location was once so important during the Civil War that Union troops were stationed down the road from a landmark store where locals now shop for groceries and sandwiches.
The war might be history, but an unusual calling card remains from the days when Yankee [...]

‘War3DII: Gettysburg’ Announced

W3DGB is the next generation of Civil War combat command simulations. Taking lessons learned from their last ground breaking Civil War engine, the Team at NSD has gone beyond themselves to fill in the final features to make this the premier 19th Century Combat Simulation. Not only will the player be able to test themselves [...]

Seeds: History fan helps solve tree mystery

Bob Bundy loves Civil War history. The letter carrier also has a knack for solving mysteries and a growing fondness for trees.
His interests crossed paths in Capitol Park next to the state Capitol. Thanks to Bundy and two close friends, a confusing chapter among the park’s living monuments finally will get appropriate credit.
Tuesday, members of [...]

Civil War: Secret Missions Review

World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Gulf War, Gulf War Part Deux: George W’s Electric Boogaloo…all of those periods of time have seen their fair share of videogames. The one era that isn’t anywhere near as popular as the aforementioned is the American Civil War of the late 1800s. A war fought between the [...]