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Holmes Civil War riots

People don’t typically think of Holmes County as a trend-setter on a national level. Fewer still would think of equating it with New York City when it comes to acting on matters of national importance.
But about a century-and-a- half ago Holmes County did indeed share center-stage limelight with the Big Apple in terms of a [...]

Service & Sacrifice: A Civil War Son

Finding someone with a direct link to the Civil War is rare but still possible. In East Tennessee we have met two “Civil War Sons” as a part of our Service & Sacrifice series. They tell us there are only a couple dozen “real sons” still alive.
James “Jim” Brown is 98 years old. Family records [...]

Ohio a major player in the Civil War

The Civil War usually brings to mind far off places like Gettysburg or Richmond, but according to Mark Holbrook of the Ohio Historical Society, Ohio’s contribution to the Civil War was more than significant. From the three Ohio generals who were credited with winning the war to the Underground Railroad and the 300,000 Ohioans who [...]

The Lincoln Presidency to be featured at Woodbury Historical Society meeting on Nov. 7

Highland Mills – As part of its annual meeting and elections, the Woodbury Historical Society will host a program celebrating the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.
The meeting will be held Saturday, Nov. 7, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Senior Center on Route 105 in Highland Mills.
 This year is the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth [...]

Illinois Symphony Orchestra to honor Lincoln through music

The Illinois Symphony Orchestra will mark the Lincoln Bicentennial in two upcoming concerts.
At 8 p.m. Saturday in Sangamon Auditorium, the orchestra is slated to present the third of its Masterworks series.
Then at 7 p.m. Wednesday — the eve of the Lincoln Bicentennial — the orchestra will join hundreds of area musicians for a program called [...]

Museum advocates angered by Rendell cuts

Gov. Ed Rendell’s decision to eliminate assistance grants for dozens of Pennsylvania museums was received with anger Thursday by historical advocacy groups.
“This is a horrible, horrible decision,” said Deborah M. Filipi, executive director of the Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations, which represents 450 museums in the state. “I don’t know what the governor [...]