Almost exactly 150 years after the first shots of the Civil War were fired, another wave of volunteers is about to descend on America’s storied battlegrounds.  But this array of dedicated men and women will be armed with paint brushes, trash bags and weed whackers — not muskets — ready to help prepare these tangible [...]

Abraham Lincoln

Stories about Abraham Lincoln have attained the status of myth: he was born in a log cabin, he was a legendary debater, he freed the slaves, he saved the Union. The 16th U.S. president did come along at precisely the right moment for a nation wounded by its great flaw — slavery.
Lincoln laid out his [...]

After visit to Gettysburg, artist shifts his work to depictions of Civil War scenes

Artist Aaron Chandler knows firsthand how a single experience or moment in time can have the power to change one’s life work forever.
That moment for Chandler came several years ago when he made his first visit to the Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania.

Plan would expand Vicksburg National Military Park

Mississippi Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker have again proposed expanding the Vicksburg National Military Park to add the battlefields of Champion Hill, Port Gibson and Raymond.
The bill was filed in Congress this week by the Republican senators. A similar bill was filed last year.
It would authorize the National Park Service to acquire about 10,000 [...]

N.C. Wyeth: Picturing the Blue and the Gray

Acclaimed historian Shelby Foote insisted that any true understanding of American history, and thus of America, must be rooted in an understanding of the Civil War.
For Foote and scores of history buffs, often it was the power of pictures that helped trigger their curiosity. Soldiers marching up against a shower of shot and shell, seeing [...]

Reciting Lincoln to set a record

Anyone entering the Slater Auditorium at noon Tuesday might think they’ve stumbled upon auditions for a play. Student after student will read aloud President Abraham Lincoln’s farewell address to Springfield, Ill., before he left to be inaugurated as the nation’s 16th president.
“I now leave, not knowing when, or whether ever, I may return, with a [...]

Everhart kicks off Civil War exhibit as conflict’s sesquicentennial approaches

Standing in a gallery full of Civil War artifacts, Cara Sutherland wondered if Northeast Pennsylvanians of that era had any inkling how much their lives were about to change.
One hundred fifty years ago today, Southern delegates convened in Montgomery, Ala., to establish what would become the Confederacy. That news, however, would not reach the early [...]

Scholars discuss Southern views of Civil War

The Sons of Confederate Veterans holds its annual Stephen Dill Lee Institute in Charleston, featuring talks by scholars and exploring Southern views on the Civil War.
The institute opens Friday night with David Aiken of the Citadel speaking on the bombardment of Charleston and the burning of Columbia.

Historian studies track of Underground Railroad

A possible Underground Railroad site in Plymouth, commonly referred to as the Armistead House, will receive a visit from a notable historian Thursday to determine whether the house was a stop on the Underground Railroad.
Carl Westmoreland, senior historian with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, wants to determine if the house was [...]

Civil War lecture captivates audience

The Esri Redlands Forum on the Civil War garnered a few laughs, not something one would expect from such a serious topic.
The laughs had nothing to do with the war itself, but rather another serious issue plaguing Redlands right now – the lack of library funding.
Esri founder Jack Dangermond began the program by introducing speaker [...]