Civil War statue has local ties

–”The best thing I saw stolen during the war was in Fredericksburg,” a Union soldier bragged to his comrade. He described an ornate bronze statue of a “Crusader knight” mounted on horseback, standing 33 inches tall.
His details were so precise that the lady who overheard him in one of Baltimore’s public squares realized he was [...]

Illinois Civil War website launched

A new website that lists events from 2011 to 2015 in Illinois to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War will launch Feb. 1.
The comprehensive events calendar may be accessed starting Feb. 1 at, and includes all events submitted to date. Other events may be added over the next four years by following [...]

Another picture of Confederate general raises controversy in Culpeper-this time it’s Gen. Robert E. Lee

Confederate Civil War generals just seem to stay in the news in Culpeper.
For nearly a decade, the portrait of Gen. A.P. Hill, a Culpeper native, has been a center of controversy. Now a picture–actually two pictures in a single frame–of Gen. Robert E. Lee have been brought into the fray.
In a terse letter to the [...]

This Day in the War: 02/04/11

Tuesday, Feb. 4 1862
Confederate Secretary of War Judah P. Benjamin was not a happy man. His responsibilities were wide-ranging, and little was going well in any of them. He issued today a ruling listing severe penalties for speculating in commodities that were in short supply. Prices were skyrocketing for many items, particularly [...]