How much do we know about General Sherman?

Ask Frank Bullock a question about Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman and the local Civil War buff can instantly can paint a picture of a man who was both brilliant and controversial.
“He was a very complex personality, probably borderline genius,” Bullock explains about Sherman. “He had an unusual ability; most of us can see the details [...]

Supporters ride to the rescue of Civil War general

How serious is Tom Paul about portraying Civil War Gen. William S. Rosecrans?
He has three replica uniforms and his own cannon.
“It will fire, but I use it mostly as a potato (gun),” said Paul, 61.
Kids love it.

Commune with greatness at Lincoln’s tomb

Saturday marks the 202nd anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.
Coincidentally I had been planning to run today’s travel column on Lincoln’s tomb before I even realized the connection. Now it seems even more appropriate.
As long as I can remember I’ve admired Lincoln. Unlike Kenny Rogers, G.I. Joe and Don Johnson, Lincoln is one of the few [...]

Happy birthday, Mr. Lincoln

Whether you’re a Lincoln enthusiast or simply want to take a moment to honor the 16th president on his birthday, the Mount Pulaski Courthouse will offer several opportunities to celebrate Abe’s 202nd birthday this weekend.
On Friday, Lincoln’s Farewell Address will be read at the courthouse to celebrate the 150th anniversary of both the speech, which [...]

Renovating the Birthplace of WV’s Statehood

The birthplace of West Virginia’s statehood is getting a makeover.
Contractors have been renovating Independence Hall in Wheeling since last year. Travis Henline with the Division of Culture and History told The Intelligencer that restoration of damaged stone on the outside should be completed by mid-March.
Other improvements include plaster and painting repairs, updated windows, a new [...]

Exploring the failures of the Andrew Johnson presidency

The issue of race relations has been a fixture in the life of Annette Gordon-Reed for as long as she can remember.
“When you grow up in the South, the issue of race is permanent,” said Gordon-Reed, who was raised in Texas during the peak of the civil-rights movement and went on to become a leading [...]

What a Woman Can Do: Mother Xavier Ross

As the Civil War approached, 1850s Kansas was center-stage for the brewing conflict. Pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions battled it out for control of the state with knives, guns, even with cannons. Located on the banks of the Missouri River, Leavenworth was a bustling city where, as one historian has written, “robberies, stabbings, lynchings, hangings, tarrings [...]

Lanesborough revisits Civil War

It’s been 150 years since the first shots that started the Civil War were fired, but its history and effects are just as gripping and relevant today.
“The causes of the Civil War are still with us: states’ rights versus federal rights, racism, the role of the president in times of war, violent disagreements between people [...]

Buffalo Soldiers leave a lasting legacy

One year after the Civil War ended, Congress formed an African-American group within the U.S Army, The Buffalo Soldier’s. These warriors left a legacy due to their fierce fighting and bravery.
“They were given the name (Buffalo Soldier’s) after they were fighting in the Indian campaign. This was given to them by the Cheyenne Indians because [...]

The north wins again — in Muscatine

To Stu Willits, it’s no big deal that the Civil War-era cannon in the lobby of the Muscatine County Court-house faces north — even though cannons in Union states normally face their former Confederate foes.
“I’ve been to Gettysburg (National Park) three times. The cannons there face in all directions,” Willits, the jail expansion project manager [...]