ABC sets civil war skein

“Lost” exec producer Carlton Cuse is back in business with ABC. Cuse has partnered with “Secretariat” helmer Randall Wallace to write and exec produce an ambitious drama project set during Civil War for the Alphabet and ABC Studios.

“Point of Honor” has a hefty script commitment from the net, which is eyeing it as a major event series. Given the timing of the deal, however, “Honor” will be developed on its own timetable outside the upcoming pilot season fray.



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  1. Tim K says:

    “We are dramatists, not historians. We want to let the audience experience what it was like to be in these times and live through these dramatic experiences,”

    Does this quote from the story indicate a period soap opera, or can I hope it will be historically accurate? I suppose any CW works may spark interest in history, which is always good. I hope, selfishly, it will be something worthwhile for a guy that just enjoys history. I can very seldom even get history on the History Channel anymore.

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