This Day in the War: 02/10/11

Monday, Feb. 10, 1862

Cmdr. Rowan, in the USS Delaware, looked around the morning after Roanoke Island was taken, and saw several Confederate ships running for cover. He took off in pursuit up the Pasquotank River. Rowan and his force of Marines caught up with the fleet of Flag Officer Lynch, CSN. Lynch made it as far as Elizabeth City, NC. before Rowan caught him. The CSS Ellis was captured, the Seabird was sunk, and CSS Black Warrior, Fanny and Forrest were burnt to prevent capture.

Tuesday, Feb. 10 1863

Admiral Samuel duPont was forced to write a rather unpleasant letter to headquarters today. He was trying to run a large force of ships for the serious job of blockading the South Atlantic coast of the Confederacy, and it was becoming increasingly difficult. “We have been out of oil for machinery. Coal is not more essential…We were purchasing [lubricating oil] from transports or wherever it could be found, two or three barrels at a time. My commanding officers complain that their wants are not supplied…”

Wednesday, Feb. 10 1864

Volunteer firefighter Abraham Lincoln dashed out of the White House this evening to assist when flames broke out in the stables attached to the White House grounds. Despite the assistance of other Executive employees, as well as the District of Columbia fire department, casualties amounted to six horses and ponies. Lincoln, already distraught because his son had come down with typhoid, was seen with tears in his eyes.

Friday, Feb. 10,1865

Charleston Harbor was not a happy place to be for the Southern defenders on this day. By land, they had to face the seemingly unstoppable army of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman. If the view in that direction was not depressing enough, they had only to look out into the harbor to see James Island and Johnston’s Station, which were threatened by Union naval forces.

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