To Re-Build, One Has to destroy!

Lots going om at CWi the next few weeks, and it begins today. Here’s a short timeline of what’s about to happen:

For the next 2 or 3 days  – no news. Today our bank of very old computers gets replaced with new ones. Problem is this involves figuring out how to migrate all 5,000 past news stories from th old Vista machines to the new OS7 machines. A huge job.

Then the new platform which will be used for the “new” CWi must be installed, configured and trained on. While this is goinhg om, you will see certain parts of the old CWi dissapear. Some, like blogs, etc. must be updated. LinkCentral as well. Some sections will not re-appear.

Biggest change – no trivia this month – just can’t do all this while spending the time on it.

In short, we think we give you the best CW news on the Internet but we think we can do it twice as good. Time to get back to being more of a Civil War newspapwr. And by the way,, it’s gonna be the purrtiest little thing ya ever saw. We’ll keep ypu updated on the Discussiom Board.

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