Battlefield not a buyer for country club

For sale: A historic war zone, where some of the Battle of Gettysburg’s “bloodiest” fighting took place.

The 120-acre property comes complete with a nine-hole golf course, new clubhouse and a legacy rivaled only by the battlefield’s more famous areas.

At least one party is interested in the Gettysburg Country Club, which after falling into financial distress last year will be auctioned off at 10 a.m. Friday at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

But Gettysburg National Military Park won’t be placing any bids on the property.

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4 Responses to “Battlefield not a buyer for country club”

  1. Craig Howell says:

    Does anybody know if the Civil War Preservation Trust or some other preservation group will be bidding on this property?

  2. javal says:

    I contacted CWPT right after you posted this to ask the same thing. No reply yet. If we hear anything we’ll let you know.

  3. javal says:

    Just heard back from Jim Campi of CWPT. Long story short, both CWPT and NPS attempted to negotiate with the owner, but he stuck firm with his $2.79 million price, which was totally ridiculous. Not surprisingly, there were no buyers at the sale yesterday.

  4. Tim K says:


    Did Mr. Campi give you any idea how much the NPS and/or the CWPT offered? Obviously, the land is not worth $2.79 million, but I wonder how much it is worth. It would be great to have it restored and be included in the park since it falls in the congressional boundary.

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