Deer Management Program 2009

Press Release

Press Release

In October, the National Park Service (NPS) will continue its program of deer management at Gettysburg National Military Park and Eisenhower National Historic Site, park officials have announced.

Gettysburg and Eisenhower national parks are reducing the number of deer in the parks directly by shooting. All venison will be donated to area food banks. Hunting is not permitted inside the two parks–only qualified federal employees will take part in the effort to reduce the herd.

Deer management is an unfortunate necessity of preserving the Gettysburg and Eisenhower parks. Intense browsing by high numbers of deer damages the historic landscapes. We need to protect the historic woodlots and the farm fields in order to tell the story of these two parks,” said park Superintendent John Latschar.

The deer management program will continue through the end of March. Annual deer reductions will continue from October through March each year, as necessary. A deer reduction community safety committee meets as needed on matters of public safety related to the program. The committee is composed of the local Pennsylvania Game Commission officer, the Chiefs of Police from Gettysburg Borough and Cumberland Township, the Chairman of the Gettysburg National Military Park Advisory Commission and the park Superintendent, Chief Ranger, and Natural Resource Specialist.

In 1995 an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) described and considered a variety of options for meeting park objectives for deer management, including public hunting, relocation, and the use of sterilization and contraception. Hundreds of people participated in the public review of the EIS and many commented on it in writing. The NPS decided to reduce the number of deer in the parks through shooting.

A deer density goal of 25 deer per square mile of forest was established in the EIS. The park has now reached that goal and will continue to manage deer to maintain the level of 25 deer per square mile of forest.


2 Responses to “Deer Management Program 2009”

  1. Peter Monahan says:

    My property adjoins the NPS deer kill zone. The NPS shoots deer outside my nine year old daughters window at all hours. She has disabilities and other issues that are intensified because of the NPS shooting their high powered rifles in the middle of the night. I have called to complain or question their need to scare my nine year old with special needs. They don’t care … they continue to kill the deer and scare little girls…and they don’t care!

  2. Garyjd says:

    Peter, You may want to consider calling someone who will not only listen to you but care as well. Elected officials are suppose to work for you, try calling one of their offices. ~G

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