The Civil War at Cumberland Gap: A War of Iron and Irony

On October 9, 10 and 11, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park will present “A War of Iron and Irony,” a Civil War event dedicated to showing the visitor the stories behind the battles of America’s divisive war.

Majestic Cumberland Gap, standing where the states of Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky meet, might not have seen as much action during the American Civil War as Gettysburg or Vicksburg, but it was still seen as an important location by both North and South in terms of strategic planning.



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  1. lucy j. b. says:

    This was my first civil war event, but it wont be my last. I drove up from knoxville and got to meet figures from history, great & small. Newly elected President Lincoln spoke on his way to his inauguration about the importanceof keeping our great country united. General R. E. Lee spoke about his anguish as he made his decision to choose sides. his love for the nation that he had faithfully served for 30 years and his love for the state of Virginia where he grew up & married. The freed slave spoke of the price of liberty… never free. Soldiers told of their life, I even saw an early “text” machine! The ball Sat. night was a blast!!! It didn’t matter the age or dress, we all learned the Virginia Reel, promonade, petticoat polka & pretended to waltz. the weather was perfect, cool enough to make the corset, petticoats & dress comfortable. the band was terrific. I hope this is an annual event. The Parks service did a wonderful job. it’d be worth your time to come next year.

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