‘The Battle Of Bulls Gap’ Reenactment Planned In May

tennesseeseal1East Tennessee Civil War Campaigns, a non-profit organization chartered by the State of Tennessee on Dec. 15, 2008, has announced a partnership with I-81 Motorsports Park for Civil War re-enactments and other living history events.


The inaugural event will is being described as a major Civil War re-enactment of “The Battle of Bulls Gap” that took place in November 1864, a press release said.


The event will take place on May 1-3, on 482 acres of farm land owned and operated by I-81 Motorsports Park. The park is located two miles from Exit 44 on Interstate 81, at Jearoldstown.

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  1. bill haskins says:

    why in the world have a re-enactment plum up there instead of having it closer to the real battlefield? to me this would dishonor the memories of the men that fought and died for what they belived in.did anyone talk to the town of bulls gap about this project. I think you’ll might have considered the towns view before doing this good project. I’m know this takes alot of planning to put something like this on.

  2. K. Lea Kelley says:

    If anyone is interested, we have an interesting family story about the Battle of Bulls Gap. Our relative, John Shields, who was in the Union Army and was the Flag bearer.He survived the Battle of Bulls Gap and was left when the Union Troops withdrew around midnight. It being dark, he gutted a horse/mule and spent the cold November night inside the carcass. The next morning he “resigned” and went home. The flag was in our family’s possession until 1975 when it burned in a house fire.

    I’m not recommending anyone re-enact that part complete with the carcass,but I feel it is worth mentioning here. Our records show he was just a young boy when this happened.

  3. Jo Ellen Tolley says:

    I happen to own the land where artillery was perched on the top of for this particular battle and it overlooks the opposite hill where battles were fought as well. The cemetary when soldiers were buried are at the top of the hill acrossed the street from me. If you are interested in taking a look at the real terrain these battles were fought, and there were man of them. Give me a hollar.

  4. Robert Ricketts says:

    Jo Ellen,
    I had a friend who used to drive a truck up here to Virginia named Tim Greene. He told me his uncle owned part of the battlefield down there.
    He invited me to come down and metal detect several years ago, but he left that route shortly after.
    Can you help me get in touch with him? I want to take a trip down this fall with my detector. Please email me (I’ve spelled out part of both for protection)
    EMAIL- ricketts1(at)verizon.net OR call – (four three four)-610-0612
    Thank you very much, Robert Ricketts – Forest, Virginia

  5. Glen Booher says:

    Jo Ellen. I would be interested in finding out about the battle area there. Been interested in it for a long while, just don’t have any contacts in the area to find anything out.

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