Status Update – Wednesday 9:00am

We’re sorry for the lack of news the last two days. Monday evening our central air conditioning unit decided to cease working. As luck would have it, Tuesday & today were predicted to be the two hottest days of the year here in West TN. Yesterday was 101 degrees/119 heat index, and today it’s predicted to be 103 degrees/120 heat index. Because of already existing breating problems, we decidedĀ  we just couldn’t stay in the office. So for health reasons, we decided to move out for these two days to a nice air-conditioned motel. Since a repairman is due to arrive at the office later today, we expect news to resume Thursday morning.

Because we’re posting this update from the public library, we do not have the software available that we use to update our website, so Trivia players should be aware that Trivia for today (Wednesday) is cancelled. Thank you .

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