Call the whole thing off?

Last August, I did a quick survey of the various plans under way for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. What was unnerving was how little seemed to be taking shape. Unlike the Civil War Centennial in 1961-1965, no national commission for the Sesquicentennial had been created. Only ten states had formed state Civil War Sesquicentennial commissions, but many of them were low-visibility roosts for political appointees. And all of it was haunted by the gaffes committed during the Civil War Centennial.



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  1. carolyn dimeo says:

    Hello there,
    I just want to say….I had four relatives that were heavily involved in the CW. Give the 150th Anniversary a chance. It will call back people that have been busy with other reenacting eras. We will have our compliment….soldiers and civilians.

    The government will not be financing anything for our 150th….you can count on that…there are bigger and better problems or solutions in the world. WE….the ancestors of the men that fell, scarificed, burdened their families and communities for a just and right cause need to establish and organise the anniversary. This IS a big deal……..150 years ago so many men just scarificed their lives and families for a better nation.

    I was thinking today….what would the our nation be if we were not the United States. The name of our country…that has so many liberties, rights, and fortune it is called the UNITED States. If it were’nt for the CW…..we would not be as strong, free or UNITED.

    Can you imagine needing a passport to go to Florida for the winter….on a Visa. Not me…we could have ended up in the same situation as Korea. This may be simplicitic and I apoligize for that….but, what my 3 uncles and 3rd grandfather went through was not for nothing.

    If you are passionate about the 150th…..then start to organize it yourself….I’ll help….just let me know what you need to spread the word. It can be done…..BELIEVE.

    Your friend in commonatlity,
    Carolyn DiMeo
    Massachusetts Civilian

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