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The CWi News Wire is the newest stage in the progression of Civil War Interactive. Started in 1996, CWi has long been the Internet’s most trusted name in Civil War news, often scooping major news publications when it comes to bringing you the news…fast.

Most of the posts here will be posted by javal or Xan, known in real life as Joe Avalon and Laurie Chambliss. We are CWi – and have been since we were much younger and better looking. But we love what we do, and hope you will too. You can always reach us at info@civilwarinteractive.com .

We hope you’ll use the new format to leave thoughtful coments on the news articles we post here. For more interactive conversation, be sure to check out the CWi Discussion Board. Enjoy this latest addition to CWi.


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  1. Bethany says:

    http://www.gettysburgdaily.com/?p=1697 someone spray painted vulgarities on the peace light

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