Workers uncover bone fragments

Workers repairing an underground steam pipe at the University of South Carolina found human bone fragments where a Civil War hospital once treated injured soldiers.
The State newspaper reported that Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said Monday that the fragments are probably from the Civil War.
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Civil War general faces demotion from U.S. Capitol statue display

While he’s busy poring over potential statutes passed by state lawmakers, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has found time to make some changes to statues as well.
Nixon’s office has sent a request to the Architect of the Capitol in Washington to replace the state’s official representation in the national statue collection.
Out is Francis Preston Blair Jr., [...]

Was there a wrong side to Civil War?

Following the fall of Confederate-held Murfreesboro to the Union, many citizens discovered themselves to be on the “wrong side” of the proceedings.
Like businessman John Cedic Spence, they found their plight to be one that really wouldn’t change for the rest of their lives.
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Then and now Honoring the Battle of Pea Ridge

Back then, thousands of men lost their lives in the fields and forests around Pea Ridge. This time, families and history buffs strolled casually in the exact spots where people had died so many years ago.
Back then was March 7-8, 1862. This time was the same days, only 147 years later in 2009, as the [...]

Civil War era shipwreck discovered during search for Ike debris

Like a toy surprise in a box of Cracker Jacks – er, slightly water-logged Cracker Jacks, that is – a Civil War era shipwreck turned up among Hurricane Ike debris.
The discovery, thought to be previously uncharted, was made by crews last week scanning the bays around Galveston to chart debris.
While the find came as a [...]

Once a cosmopolitan feature of Petersburg, former gasworks building faces demolition

PETERSBURG — It was one of the top targets of Federal artillery during the Civil War siege of Petersburg. And though the historic gasworks building survived Union shelling, it could soon be destroyed as part an environmental cleanup of the property.
Columbia Gas has filed plans for the property that include demolition of the building located [...]

Make way for Gen. John Hunt Morgan

It was the famous Confederate Raider John Hunt Morgan who personally directed the attack on Union troops near Milton.
“Open ranks! Open ranks for the general,” commanded the staff of one of the most glamorous soldiers of the Civil War.
Morgan, receiving word of the Army of Cumberland’s reconnaissance in force in the Auburntown area, moved from [...]

US Civil War illustrates costs, benefits of diversity, say UCLA economists

Diversity is a double-edged sword, making individuals less likely to be altruistic than they might be in a more homogeneous setting but also inspiring them to scale new intellectual heights and to explore new horizons, argue two UCLA economists in a new book.
“People enjoy being around people they can relate to, and they are uncomfortable [...]

Fort Riley Color Guard Prepares for Presidential Inauguration

The mounted color guard of the 1st infantry division got a taste of the spotlight this afternoon as they took to the streets of downtown Topeka. The soldiers and their horses rehearsed marching around Kansas’ capital square before they do so on a national stage.
“How many people could say they got to, to be a [...]