Buffalo Soldiers leave a lasting legacy

One year after the Civil War ended, Congress formed an African-American group within the U.S Army, The Buffalo Soldier’s. These warriors left a legacy due to their fierce fighting and bravery.
“They were given the name (Buffalo Soldier’s) after they were fighting in the Indian campaign. This was given to them by the Cheyenne Indians because [...]

Arizona’s Camel Military Corps and Hi Jolly

Do you realize that if it hadn’t been for the Civil War there might be herds of wild camels roaming Arizona’s deserts today? That would be something to see, don’t you think?
Of course, if it hadn’t been for the Civil War lots of things would be different, but that’s neither here nor there. Arizona’s adventure [...]

Driving tour of Civil War sites

Q: My husband of 34 years is a Civil War fan. I would like to plan a trip from Phoenix to some hot-spot Civil War sites. Can you provide some information that could assist in a 10- to 14-day trip? Around the Gettysburg area and going from there would be great.
A: There are two things [...]

Fort honors soldiers

On a sun-drenched parade ground at historic Fort Verde, an army of soldiers from many wars stood in line and waited.
Some smoked.
Some joked.
Some shifted uncomfortably in the drab or khaki wool that fit close around their necks.

Civil War re-enactment at Picacho Peak State Park

In the spring of 1862, about a dozen Union soldiers riding near Picacho Peak bumped into a group of about 10 Confederate soldiers. They skirmished briefly and parted ways. It was the only Civil War battle fought in Arizona.
Each year, hundreds gather in the desert to watch re-enactments of the Battle of Picacho Pass and [...]

Scottsdale hosts salute Thursday to Civil War general

Irvin McDowell’s name is associated with one-third of all the land in Scottsdale, but his history and legacy have little to do with the city at all.
The McDowell Mountains, McDowell Road, and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve are all named after the U.S. Army general who lived between 1818 and 1885.

Highland High diorama drama has happy ending

Students at Gilbert’s Highland High School have been able to rewrite the final chapter of an amateur career in diorama-making by former history teacher Glen Frakes. It’s the right ending to a tale about a lifelong passion for learning about the past through visualization and painstaking work rather than just reading a textbook.
Currently on display [...]

Excavated troops on way to final rest

Some of the first U.S. troops ever buried in Tucson are heading to their final rest this weekend, two years after their remains were unearthed to make way for a Downtown construction project.
The bones of nearly 60 soldiers from the Civil and Indian war eras will be blessed this morning at a local cemetery as [...]

Civil War re-enactment moves

The Civil War isn’t over yet. But it has changed venues
Arizona’s small but passionate re-enacting community has moved the annual Civil War in the Southwest event from Picacho Peak State Park to the Phoenix area after the cash-strapped park canceled this year’s show.
The state’s largest Civil War re-enactment now will be held the same weekend, [...]

Picacho Peak Civil War event falls victim to budget ax

The Civil War has been canceled.
Actually, make that the Civil War in the Southwest re-enactment at Picacho Peak State Park south of Casa Grande.
The March 14-15 event was a casualty of the state’s budget problems, said Ellen Bilbrey, spokeswoman for the Arizona State Parks.
“It’s one of our special events,” she said, “but it cost $3,500 [...]