Civil War lecture captivates audience

The Esri Redlands Forum on the Civil War garnered a few laughs, not something one would expect from such a serious topic.
The laughs had nothing to do with the war itself, but rather another serious issue plaguing Redlands right now – the lack of library funding.
Esri founder Jack Dangermond began the program by introducing speaker [...]

Honor at Lincoln Memorial Shrine

It’s 1861 again, and a war is coming, at least at the Lincoln Shrine, a museum dedicated to Abraham Lincoln and the bloodiest war in America’s history.On Sunday, the Lincoln Memorial Shrine will hold its 39th annual open house, which will feature new exhibits commemorating the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War.
“We’re [...]

Costumed ‘Sharpshooters’ take to soccer field

April marks the beginning of the four-year Civil War, 150 years ago. Saturday, the “Rebels” bivouacked at a community center soccer field here to provide a portal into the struggles and strengths of the Southern people, its army and its cause.
“There was more innovation in the South, they knew how to make do with less,” [...]

Fact mustn’t be ignored

History, it is often said, is written by its winners.
But it is often revised by its losers, sometimes adding interpretations based on new information or the perspective of time or, unfortunately, simply catering to old, deeply held prejudices.
And so it is this year, the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, that some [...]

A rivalry on the big stage

Rarely a week goes by that a well-known actor doesn’t grab headlines for running afoul of the law — usually for driving under the influence, berating authorities or threatening loved ones (or in the case of Mel Gibson, all of the above and then some). And there always seems to be a murder case involving [...]

When SD Told Lincoln to Lump It

With the nation on the brink of the greatest catastrophe in its history, most San Diego County voters went to the polls 150 years ago this month and turned down the man who’d become America’s most beloved president.
Instead, they overwhelmingly voted for the pro-South rival who stood the furthest from him on the future of [...]

Lake County Civil War Roundtable forms; first meeting set for Nov. 29

The year 2011 will mark the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, the sesquicentennial of the conflict, and a local group is forming a Civil War roundtable to help mark the commemoration locally.
The first meeting of the Lake County Civil War Roundtable is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 29, at 901 S. Main [...]

Tributes to Col. Veatch made at Cemetery

Veterans Day observances in Gridley began last Thursday, with a ceremony held at the Gridley -Biggs Cemetery in honor of Private H.C. Veatch, otherwise known as Col. Veatch.
As a number of family members of Veatch joined area residents, the Mayors of Gridley and Biggs, the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War, American [...]

Food Drama: Bullets and bad food — Dramatic battles take spotlight off food tragedies

A cannon’s explosion rumbles from the ears through the chest, punctuating the gunfire from two sides. Civil War reenactments, like The Battle at Tuscan Ridge put on by Reenactors of the Civil War on Oct. 23, are full of drama.
Costumed in the colorful military regalia of 1861-1865, hundreds of men carried on half-hour battle scenes [...]

Fort Mason yields surprise historical trove

A pile of bones and bottles dug up the other day at historic Fort Mason has a tale to tell of the Civil War, medicine and the way San Franciscans lived as many as 150 years ago – but it may take months to decipher it.
In the meantime, archaeologists and historians are just thankful that [...]