Human Remains Discovered In Fort Mason Excavation

Crews removing soil from a historic building in San Francisco’s Fort Mason compound on Monday uncovered human remains believed to date back to the Civil War era, a U.S. Park Service spokeswoman said.
Several bones, along with buttons and bottle pieces, were found late Monday afternoon at a site near what used to be a hospital [...]

Civil War at Tuscan Ridge

The Tuscan Ridge Golf Course was turned into a war zone after several Union blue coats battled it out with a handful of Confederate Rebels Saturday afternoon.
The gray sky and rainy day did nothing to keep the two factions from fighting as both sides were passionate about their respective goals. The battle took about a [...]

Blast from past: Re-enactment adds history to Monterey festival

When he gets a new uniform, his wife gets a new dress.
Tad Campbell of Gilroy was among a group of the Sons of Union Veterans who turned out for an encampment on the lawn below the Presidio of Monterey Museum during the ninth annual Monterey History Fest to add some additional military flourish to the [...]

Thousands regularly revisit the Civil War

Fourteen-year-old Kris Szkodzinski was just 6 years old when he saw his first Civil War re-enactment at Kearney Park in Fresno, Calif.
He’s been hooked ever since.
“I love coming out here,” he said. “It is exciting.”

Civil War Revisited

Valley people got a chance this weekend to rub elbows with history.  Union and Confederate soldiers turned the calendar back to the 1860’s at Kearney Park.
Cannon fire filled the air with smoke Sunday afternoon.   But that wasn’t the only kind of skirmish. The blue and gray traded gunfire at times. Sometimes the fighting became so intense that [...]

Civil War comes alive at Kearney Park

Civil war and history buffs get ready — the annual Civil War Revisited event is this weekend at Kearney Park in west Fresno County.
The two-day event is estimated to draw about 25,000 visitors to the park, including more than 1,000 people who serve as re-enactors.

Civil War veterans honored

Little is known about a man buried 118 years ago in the Colusa Cemetery — only that he probably came from a small village in Chautauqua County, New York, and that he fought in the Civil War.
No flowers adorned his grave on Memorial Day and no family came forward to claim kinship during a special [...]

Civil War reenactment: An Act To Die For

Staring down a rifle in front of me was a daunting task. The man holding it aimed the gun my way and there was no restraint in his face. He was ready to shoot and he couldn’t care less.I looked to his right and left – and there was just more guns. I had no [...]

It will be North vs. South all over, again, in Colusa

People involved in bringing Civil War battles to life are not actors. They’re history buffs.
When the Colusa Heritage Preservation Committee decided to bring the Re-Enactors of the American Civil War to present a thrilling vignette of life as it was about 150 years ago, it was less for the cannon fire and rockets red glare [...]

Civil War reenactment takes observers ‘back in time’

The battle loomed. And minutes before the Union and Confederate skirmish lines clashed Sunday, soldiers fidgeted with their muskets.
Or stared at their battle-weary boots as the sun topped the Tehachapi Mountains, north of Los Angeles.
“Loads of trepidation, we’ll be taking on the cannon,” said U.S. Army Capt. Peter Swavely, of the 2nd Vermont Regiment. “The [...]