Robert Redford’s ‘The Conspirator’ out for buzz in Toronto

The Toronto International Film Festival holds a special place for Robert Redford — Redford the filmmaker that is, not the actor, entrepreneur, man behind his own monster festival in Sundance. Each time, the invitation to bring a film to Toronto has come as an unexpected gift. In 1992, his poetic drama of brothers and fly [...]

Civil War comes alive at Village

The sounds and smells of gunpowder wafted through the air, the drone of the pipes laboured on and the soldiers were at-the-ready at Upper Canada Village this past weekend.
The Grays and Blues of Montreal, a Canadian group of American Civil War re-enactors brought their presentation to the Morrisburg locale, and it was not without its [...]

The Civil War according to a Canadian

Earlier this summer in Roanoke’s Market Square, I saw a black motorcyclist with a Confederate flag emblem prominently displayed on his ride.
Maybe it was somebody else’s bike. Or just maybe, as we approach the 150th anniversary of America’s defining conflict, we are finally starting to set aside the old resentments and see the Civil War [...]

After the war: They couldn’t catch the Rebel Raider (conclusion)

When Vancouver Island almost entered the American Civil War
Finally it was over. Three months and 24 days after Appomattox and the formal end of the war between the States, commerce raider Shenandoah’s destruction of Yankee shipping ceased by order of her commanding officer, Capt. James Waddell. Shelved, too, was his plan for a daring nighttime [...]

They couldn’t catch the Rebel Raider

Vancouver Island almost entered the American Civil War.
Three months after the guns fell silent at Appomattox, the Civil War went on in, of all places, the Bering Sea. As we’ve seen, Capt. James Waddell, Confederate States of America, commanding the commerce raider Shenandoah, knew only that President Jeff Davis had urged Southerners to fight on [...]

Black Civil War vet buried in unmarked N.S. grave to finally get tombstone

A tombstone will be placed this weekend over the unmarked grave of a black Civil War veteran who joined the battle against slavery before dying in Nova Scotia almost 100 years ago.
Ben Jackson lies buried in a small cemetery across from the Stoney Hill United Baptist Church cemetery in Lockhartville.

Canadian won U.S. war medal

Sgt. Benjamin Franklin Youngs was a Canadian war hero in the United States, and nearly 150 years later a ceremony in Los Angeles will honour his contributions.
Youngs fought in the American Civil War (1861-1865) and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courage during a battle at Petersburg, Va., on June 17, 1864. [...]

Civil War hero’s grave will finally get a headstone

It’s taken almost a century, but a new headstone will finally mark the grave of a Civil War hero buried in this Kings County community.
Lockhartville is believed to be the birthplace of Ben Jackson, an African-Nova Scotian born in 1832 who felt it was his duty to enlist in the Union navy during the final [...]

A Civil War story more visually stunning than Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind is scheduled for a Blu-ray release on Nov. 17, and next Tuesday brings Kino’s Blu-ray edition of Buster Keaton’s 1926 silent film, The General . If you must choose between the two, both set during the U.S. Civil War, heed the counsel of Orson Welles. When he introduced The General on [...]

Meet Cowichan’s rare U.S. Civil War treasure

Many would consider Cowichan’s David Chase notable for the simple fact he will be turning 100 next year.
He cemented his newsworthiness in July by saving Mount Tzouhalem from development by selling his eco-jewel to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
But the News Leader Pictorial can confirm the long-retired businessman has one more remarkable claim to fame.
He’s [...]