Reciting Lincoln to set a record

Anyone entering the Slater Auditorium at noon Tuesday might think they’ve stumbled upon auditions for a play. Student after student will read aloud President Abraham Lincoln’s farewell address to Springfield, Ill., before he left to be inaugurated as the nation’s 16th president.
“I now leave, not knowing when, or whether ever, I may return, with a [...]

Rick Spencer performs ‘Greatest Hits of the Civil War’ in Madison

When Johnny came marching home again, Rick Spencer says, he had some good tunes waiting for him.
There was “Battle Cry of Freedom,” and “The First Gun is Fired,” for starters. There was also “Marching Through Georgia,” “Grafted Into the Army,” and “Beautiful Dreamer.”
Spencer says these songs and their composers constituted the first great wave of [...]

Canton Library features “Canton in the Civil War”

Civil War buffs know that the United States will mark the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War in April. Canton Public Library, 40 Dyer Ave., plans to mount an exhibit in April and May titled “Canton in the Civil War,” which will portray life in Canton during the war and the decade [...]

Monument in downtown New Britain represents an era of service

Standing in the heart of New Britain’s downtown is the Soldiers’ Monument, dedicated in 1900 to men who served during the Civil War. An imposing limestone structure with a bronzed winged victory atop, the monument nonetheless seems to meld into its surroundings.
It has been there for so long that people pass by on a daily [...]

Historically speaking: Storytelling fest to mark Civil War anniversary

The term Tellabration! may be new to some readers, but not to tellers everywhere.
Tellabration! is an annual storytelling celebration held at various locations worldwide that made its debut in Connecticut in 1988.
Its goal is to win additional support for storytelling among adults and children.

Branford to mark monument’s 125th anniversary

The public is invited to attend a program at 3 p.m. today to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the dedication of the Civil War or Soldier’s Monument on the Green, organizers said.
It’s a precursor to a number of commemorations taking place on the observation of Veterans Day, Nov. 7, including the annual Veterans Day parade.
CLICK [...]

Easton to Honor Civil War POW

Olius Lyon will get a long overdue memorial service on Nov. 11. The Civil War private from Easton died in a confederate prison in Salisbury, N.C., in 1864.
Lyon enlisted in Company E of the 12th Connecticut Infantry. He was captured at the Battle of Cedar Creek in Virginia and was later buried in a mass [...]

Probate Judge Reopens Case With Ties To Abraham Lincoln

A probate judge in Coventry has reopened the 55-year-old estate of a relative of Gideon Welles to determine if rare artifacts, including handwritten notes by President Abraham Lincoln, were illegally sold and not included as part of the estate.
For the past five months, the Welles and the Brainards, descendents of Gideon Welles who served as [...]

Canterbury students cheer explosive history lesson

Ben Thompson, 13, bent down to lift a lever at the base of a cannon Wednesday on the Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School baseball field.
Ben easily lifted the iron bar and moved the cannon slightly to the left.
“You just lifted 2,000 pounds,” said Civil War re-enactor Eric Anderson.

Civil War Monument to be restored

Norwalk’s Civil War Monument, which honored veterans at Riverside Cemetery before being knocked down by vandals eight years ago, will be refurbished and restored to its prominent pedestal, according to officials.
On Tuesday, the statue and its pieces were taken out of storage at the cemetery and loaded onto a truck bed to be taken to [...]