Programs on Civil War-era Delaware anchor First Saturday events

Visitors are going to hear the untold stories of black Delawareans during First Saturday programs Feb. 5.
Syl Woolford was unfamiliar with many of these stories when he started researching the Civil War. It was then he became fascinated with soldiers’ tales, such as those in the 1st South Carolina Regiment, the first unit of black [...]

Delaware State Police investigating burglary and attempted burglary of Civil War items

Delaware State Police are looking for two people who broke into a home which occurred June 28th and also August 25th—in the daytime. It was an attempted burglary on August 25th. It happened at the home of a 58-year old man on Hogtown Road in Harrington. There were numerous items stolen. A description can be found [...]

POW event re-creates life (and death)

From the moment he was led into the sally port of Fort Delaware as a rebel prisoner, Halden Brubaker could barely keep his mouth shut.
Brubaker talked back to the Union officers, defied the guards and even attacked a fellow prisoner who agreed to renounce his Confederate past. When guards marched him and the other prisoners [...]

Fort Delaware expands access for summer

Fort Delaware State Park’s hours of operation have been extended to five days a week for the summer season starting today, state officials announced.
The park is now open for visitors on Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day. The park also will be open Monday, July 5 and Monday, Sept. 6. [...]

Slavery and Civil War topic of Feb. 6 program

The Old State House, located at 25 The Green in Dover, will present a program Saturday, Feb. 6, called “End Slavery! Stop the War!” that explores President Abraham Lincoln’s 1861 strategy to end both slavery and the Civil War.
Delaware played a key role in debating the issue which will be dramatized by Division of Historical [...]

Lee-Jackson Day ceremony set

The Delaware Grays, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2068 and United Daughters of the Confederacy, Caleb Ross Chapter 2635 invite the public to attend the “Lee-Jackson Day” Ceremonies taking place at 1 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 16, at the Confederate Soldiers Monument in Georgetown at the Nutter B. Marvel Museum.
The ceremony honors two of America’s most [...]

Library announces additions to digitized collection about Civil War

The University of Delaware Library announces three new additions to its digital collection of materials related to the American Civil War. All materials were digitized from originals in the Special Collections Department of the University of Delaware Library.
All University of Delaware Digital Collections are accessible globally at no charge from the Library Web under “Digital [...]

Civil War encampment brings history lessons home

The friends of Bob Mergel say he’s the very best at dying.
“They all aspire to die like me,” said Mergel, who usually falls on his stomach and writhes, as if in pain, before pretending he’s been killed in action.
In the past six years, Mergel has ‘died’ in Ohio, Kentucky, Gettysburg, Pa., and in other Civil [...]

Estate’s treasures go on the block

 Folks around town often wondered what was inside Charles Parker’s substantial 19th-century brick home at 119 N. Walnut St.
A private man, Parker let few people through the doors of his stately Federal-style home on the busy downtown street. Only longtime Milford residents who had been friends with the previous owner had any inkling of what [...]

Blacks and the Confederacy: an incomplete story

I received an invitation to the 116th annual General Convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Biloxi, Miss. I don’t think I’ll be going, but I was nevertheless intrigued. So I called the national headquarters in Richmond, Va., to ask if African Americans were members. “We haven’t had any until recently,” the receptionist [...]