Fort offers glimpse of life in 1800s

“I am a girl, but I can fire a pistol.”
These were words of Sene Campbell, whose fiancée was killed in Fort Scott in 1858. The words will again be heard during the 2010 Candlelight Tour this weekend at Fort Scott National Historic Site. The dramatic reading of Campbell’s letter will be one of five scenes [...]

Lincoln exhibits to be at Brown site

Abraham Lincoln’s life, accomplishments and legacy are the subject of two upcoming exhibits at the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, 1515 S.E. Monroe.
“Abraham Lincoln: A Man of His Time, a Man for All Times” explores how Lincoln transcended his age and left a constitutional legacy for all Americans.

Group of artists design gate to commemorate Battle of Black Jack

When 18-year-old Miquel Brown was asked to draw his ideas for a commemorative gate at the Battle of Black Jack historic site, he picked up his pencil and created something entirely different: a rap song.
“I had to get a picture in my head,” Brown said of a rap that covered John Brown, Bleeding Kansas and, [...]

Battlefield Dispatches No. 237: ‘Battle of Mine Creek’

Monday, Oct. 25 is the 146th Anniversary of the Battle of Mine Creek that was the largest Civil War battle in Kansas and the second largest “CAVALRY” battle in the entire Civil War. The largest cavalry battle of the war was at Brandy Station, Va., on June 8, 1863 in which approximately 20,500 horse soldiers [...]

Surgeons’ grim methods saved lives

In a gruesome, bone cutting demonstration, Civil War surgeon Brian Pekarek gave a glimpse of how horrible the aftermath of a Civil War battle actually was.
“Confederate and Union surgeons work right along side each other,” Pekarek said, dressed as a Confederate surgeon along side his father, who was a Union soldier. “We were trying to [...]

Battlefield Dispatches No. 235: ‘Battles of Baxter Springs, Kan.’

In the 1960s, the National Civil War Centennial Commission designated three battles in Kansas to be of national significance. They were the Massacre at Lawrence on Aug. 21, 1863, the Battle of Baxter Springs on Oct. 6, 1863 and the Battle of Mine Creek on Oct. 25, 1864. Therefore, for the balance of October this [...]

Battlefield Dispatches No. 234: ‘Shut of Rebel Women’

One of the fascinating things about the English language, especially here in the United States is that there are many dialectal expressions that are indigenous to specific regions.
In Missouri, the famous folklorist Vance Randolph documented many of these expressions and words in his numerous books. It is rare however, to find any of these expressions [...]

Battlefield Dispatches No. 233: ‘Killed on the Spot, Night Attacks and Deadly Pursuit’

Guerrilla Warfare in any war is violent, vicious and quick and this was especially true in Missouri and Kansas during the Civil War. Enemy soldiers were often “Killed on the Spot” and not taken prisoner and the attacks occurred night and day, whenever the opportunity presented itself. If an attack failed, it could result in [...]

Fort hopes rain holds off for last evening tour

With a chance of rain in the surrounding areas, the staff of the Fort Scott National Historic Site are hoping for clear skies this weekend.
The last of four evening tours will begin at 6:15 p.m., Saturday, at the FSNHS, come rain or shine. FSNHS Ranger Galen Ewing said that two of the three previous tours [...]

‘Mother’ Bickerdyke

Mary Ann “Mother” Bickerdyke, a Civil War nurse with connections to Ellsworth, is one of 24 finalists in the 8 Wonders of Kansas People, a project of the Inman-based Kansas Sampler Foundation.
The “Mother” Bickerdyke Home for veterans was where Ellsworth’s Good Samaritan Village now stands. The home’s archway remains.