Minnesota man donates artifact to Port Hudson

A Minnesota couple has returned a Confederate soldier’s canteen to caretakers of the Civil War battlefield where it was found more than 146 years ago.
“I figured it belonged here,” said Torney Marshall, who inherited the wooden canteen but decided to donate it to the museum at Port Hudson State Historic Site.

UDC places monument in Ouachita City

Ouachita City is a diminutive community on the Union Parish border, about four miles northeast of Sterlington and some 20 miles southwest of Bastrop.
You can drive past the village on La. 2 and not even realize it is there. There was a time, however, when Ouachita City bustled with the sights of sounds of a [...]

Artist William Dunlap’s Civil War exhibit at the Ogden Museum

Artist William Dunlap’s exhibit unites old foes for art
Artist William Dunlap says he’s always been under the spell of the Civil War. When he was growing up in Webster County, Miss., he and his brother found a rusty Navy Colt pistol left over from “that old war.” He and his [...]

Historic Louisiana fort reopens four years after Katrina

Fort Pike, shut down by hurricane damage for most of the past four years, reopened Friday.
The fort’s construction began in 1819 in the eastern outskirts of New Orleans as the first of a system of seacoast forts started by President James Monroe.
For the past two months, it’s been the set for “Jonah Hex,” a movie [...]

State Parks On the Chopping Block

With every shot, with every tale, history is re-lived at one of Lousiana’s historic sites. Each year, thousands of people visit old cabins and battlegrounds like the one at Manfield’s State Historic Site.
“We have travelers coming up I-49 to stop and see our sign there. Of course they want to stop and that’s everyday,” Jason [...]

Union officer tells of bad conditions in south Louisiana

The 52nd Massachusetts volunteer regiment whose Civil War movements were reported by Chaplain John Moors barely entered Terrebonne Parish, and then only to board trains which took them west to the Bayou Boeuf and Atchafalaya River area.

Moors and his fellow Union soldiers were stationed at Bayou Bouef in April 1863, and from letters home to [...]

Chaplain for Union regiment tells tale of time in south Louisiana

Delayed overnight at Terrebonne Station after their camp gear had been shipped on westward to Bayou Boeuf, Chaplain John Moors slept under just a blanket and awoke to try to find breakfast.

“In the morning I started early to a Negro cabin at some distance, and called up the Negro women to make me a hoe-cake [...]

Auctions Unlimited announces Civil War, Military and Historical Document Museum Auction

Over 400 lots will be included in this auction. Some of the items include surgical tools, mess items, knives, dug artifacts, personal effects of soldiers, artillery shells, cannon balls, flasks, bullets, musical instruments, civil war tokens, letters, documents, confederate money, bonds, photographs, Nazi silver, WWII memorabilia, weapons, publications, and more.
There will also be many historical [...]

Officials to fight tourism cuts

Closing state parks and historic sites for several days a week would be like a farmer eating the seed corn that feeds his next crop, state Rep. John Bel Edwards said Tuesday.
Edwards, D-Amite, assured area officials that legislators will find the funding to avoid scaling back operations at state parks and historic sites.
Click here to [...]

And end to battle re-creations?

Four hundred to 600 re-enactors are expected today through Sunday in Mansfield and north of Pleasant Hill in observance of the 145th anniversary of the Red River Campaign.
Four battle re-enactments spread over three days on the two original battlefields in DeSoto will give visitors plenty of opportunity to revisit history. They can observe combat between [...]