Civil War Days in Branch County

4th Annual Memorial Weekend Celebration (May 28-31) hear & see a host of special events like no other in the tri-county area, to honor our past fallen heroes of the Civil War era, to our present day heroes.
Friday, Come on down to see a re-enactment & education of living history happenings thru-out the weekend such [...]

Holland Museum schedules Civil War reenactment

The Holland Museum will stage their second annual “Van Raalte Farm Civil War Muster” at Holland’s historic Van Raalte Farm at the end of June.
The event will run from  9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 26 and 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 27.

Juneteenth celebration in Albion

On June 19, 2010 the Albion community will host its first Juneteenth Celebration at Holland Park. Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th that the Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston , Texas [...]

A Civil War hero remembered

On a brisk, rainy Saturday afternoon, the Brandywine History Club, along with the Sons of Union Veterans and Troop 85, dedicated the grave of Col. Henry A. Morrow.
This purpose of this ceremony was to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Morrow, as well as to remember the countless veterans who fought for the Union in [...]

Honoring the Civil War

It’s one of the most prominent monuments in Silverbrook Ceremony, honoring one of the greatest war heroes in the area.
And this weekend the Niles community will rededicate that marker and remember Gen. Henry A. Morrow, who started the 24th Michigan Infantry and was wounded in multiple battles in the Civil War.

Alma Middle School kids learn ‘dirty business’ of Civil War

With an antique Union saber made in 1864, David Wardell of Breckenridge led no calvary charge past the Alma Middle School, but he did help teach students how to fire and use weapons common in the Civil War.
It was “Blue and Grey” day at the school Thursday.

From the Archives: Letter shows anguish felt by Civil War soldiers

Not too long ago, the only way to try and communicate was by writing a letter that might or might not find its way home. One such letter, written in the summer of 1864, did find its way home-and a second delivery by an unknown person brought it to the Ypsilanti Archives. It rests there [...]

Civil War history brought to life for White Pine Academy students

Student soldiers were taking over at White Pine Academy in Leslie on Friday, but it was no reason for concern.
The 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company B Inc. helped bring student textbooks to life, as seventh- and eight-grade students learned what it was like to be a solider during the Civil War.
Students ate a lunch of [...]

Lincoln paved way for federal initiatives

How many times have we heard that the “original intent” of the Founding Fathers was to have a limited federal government? Indeed, the heroic narrative of the individual or states versus the federal government has been seared deep into the American psyche.
In reality, that storyline may be largely mythology. We must first ask the question: [...]

Union Township seeking sesquicentennial volunteers

John Barker, Union Township supervisor, is hoping there will be some interested community members who want to volunteer to serve on a township sesquicentennial committee.
On March 9, 2011, the township will be 150 years old, and Barker doesn’t “want to copy the county’s celebration” and hopes residents of the township will be interested in fundraising [...]