Western treasure on the block

Floyd Risvold was a curious 6-year-old when he found a dusty stamp collection in his grandfather’s attic.
That collection became the seed of a passion that grew into a one-of-a-kind collection of historic letters, stamps, maps, documents, photos and books that Risvold studied in the libraries of his Edina home.
Risvold was 97 when he died last [...]

John G. fought in the Civil War

“Without truth, which everyone understands, and to which therefore everyone willingly subordinates himself, all authority is naked force, a cage which sooner or later falls to pieces under the pressure of the need for truth.” — Franz Kafka
One might ask what Kafka is saying. I might say good question.
The other night, I read aloud “A [...]

Preservation association is hopeful battlefield site is closer to designtation as national historic site

Union soldiers and Dakota warriors who clashed in a violent conflict 147 years ago may be remembered on the western Minnesota prairie where they gave their lives, and where the bodies of some still lie.
Gene Flaten, representing the Wood Lake Battlefield Preservation Association, told the Yellow Medicine County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday that the [...]

Minnesota man donates artifact to Port Hudson

A Minnesota couple has returned a Confederate soldier’s canteen to caretakers of the Civil War battlefield where it was found more than 146 years ago.
“I figured it belonged here,” said Torney Marshall, who inherited the wooden canteen but decided to donate it to the museum at Port Hudson State Historic Site.

Events pay tribute to Lincoln’s 200th birthday

A series of events to mark the 200th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s birth has been announced by the Minnesota Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.
Lincoln was born Feb. 12, 1809.
“This is part of our effort to observe President Lincoln’s impact on Minnesota,” said state Rep. Dean Urdahl, R-Grove City, the commission’s chairman.
Click here to read the [...]

Minnesota tries to put pain of Dakota Conflict behind it

In his latest novel about Minnesota’s Dakota Conflict of 1862, “Retribution,” author Dean Urdahl’s protagonist, Lt. Jesse Buchanen, observes weeks after the fighting ended that “healing won’t come easy. It might take lifetimes.”
Lifetimes have come and gone since the Minnesota River valley erupted in bloody violence in August 1862, and there’s ample evidence that the [...]