Colby-Sawyer College to Host National Exhibition on Abraham Lincoln’s Life and Legacy

Two centuries after Abraham Lincoln’s birth in 1809, he is one of the most revered figures in our nation’s history. Lincoln’s life, accomplishments and legacy are the subject of a new traveling panel exhibition on display at Colby-Sawyer College.  “Abraham Lincoln: A Man of His Time, a Man for All Times” explores how Lincoln transcended [...]

Susan B. Anthony will be subject of historical meeting

The Milford Historical Society is preparing to welcome “Susan B. Anthony, the Invincible!”
 During a presentation on Thursday, Nov. 18, New Hampshire Humanities Scholar Sally Matson will portray the 19th century activist as she fights for women’s rights in factories, schools, colleges, courtrooms and voting booths.

Rare Collection of Civil War Drawings Now on Exhibit—But Don’t Delay

For only the second time in the past 150 years, Civil War buffs have the chance to view a rare collection of original firsthand drawings from that era. The 44 images were made both on and off the battlefield by Joseph Becker and other artist-correspondents, and they’re on public display at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site [...]

Central Square defaced

The Civil War Monument in Central Square was defaced with political messages.
The monument, which features a statue of a soldier, was discovered this morning to have been drawn on with sidewalk chalk.
“Obama lied,” and “stop paying taxes” were written in chalk, along with “taxes>theft” and peace symbols.

Civil War vet’s remains reinterred in NH

The remains of a Civil War veteran whose remains were discovered in a cemetery near a highway expansion project in Rochester have been given a proper military burial.
Elihu Hayes Legro, a Rochester native who died of disease on Jan. 1, 1863, was reinterred Saturday.

Lincoln restored, thanks to NH find

IF IT WEREN’T for a local contractor’s love of old movies, seven canisters of early-20th century films would be at the bottom of a landfill. But while cleaning out a barn set for demolition in Nelson in 2006, carpenter Peter Massie happened upon a funky old projector and what turned out to be the only [...]

Civil War statue has a proud and poignant past

The 16-foot statue of a Civil War-era soldier has been a landmark on the town common for 146 years.
Over 500 people turned out for the dedication on May 30, 1891.
“Erected by the citizens of Shirley in memory of those brave men who in response to the nation’s call hazarded their lives to suppress the great [...]

Lecture set for April on Civil War graves found near Exit 15 on Spaulding

ROCHESTER — The archaeologist who unearthed a Civil War veteran’s remains near Spaulding Turnpike Exit 15 last summer is giving a lecture at the Rochester Public Library in April.
Kathleen Wheeler, of Independent Archaeological Consulting, LLC, will discuss exhuming the remains from the Legro/Leighton Cemetery near the Exit 15 ramp on April 22 at 7 p.m., [...]

A story of slavery in the White Mountains

The number of slaves in the South always exceeded those in the North because the South’s plantation economy (based on rice, tobaccco, cotton, sugar, etc.) employed a large labor force. But in the North, while slaves were fewer, at one time they were omnipresent; in towns and seaports, farms and mansions. Some came from the [...]

York man delves into locals who served during Civil War

Charles Bragdon was born in York in 1812, a poor man who enlisted in the Civil War in 1862 not in his hometown, but in nearby Portsmouth, N.H. In what was a decidedly mercenary-like endeavor, municipalities in those days paid men to fill their federally mandated quotas. The Portsmouth City Council had just voted to [...]