Hustlers and Lovers Endure the Civil War Era

The hive of activity on the tiny Irish Repertory stage in the opening of “Banished Children of Eve” includes a Fulton Street fishmonger cleaning the catch, a tottering drunk, a Yankee sharpening his dagger, an actress applying makeup, a maid scrubbing stairs, an urchin rattling a tambourine and a Bowery barker inviting audiences to step [...]

‘Banished Children of Eve,’ Rich, Historical Drama

Placing large historical events in the context of ordinary people’s lives can bring the past back to life.
The world premiere of “Banished Children of Eve” succeeds in this resurrection, as an absorbing, intimate melodrama about a small, diverse group of New Yorkers caught up in the Draft Riots of 1863, a week of racial and [...]

Montgomery to host Civil War Conference

The political climate in America had not been this divisive in living memory.
Candidates attacked each other as never before, whipping up crowds with fiery speeches that warned supporters of dire consequences if their opponents were elected. A new political party of dissatisfied voters who had “had enough” made the situation yet more volatile and unpredictable.
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Mort Künstler at Nassau County Museum of Art: Painting the Civil War

Mort Künstler’s retrospective, For Us The Living, is an expansive display of paintings inspired by the Civil War currently showing at The Nassau County Museum of Art. Künstler, an Oyster Bar resident, is an old favorite of the Museum: his 1998 exhibit drew record crowds, even beating out a Picasso exhibit. This time, Künstler offers [...]

Famous New Yorkers: Mathew Brady

Americans see the Civil War and much of their 19th century history through the eyes of Mathew Brady and his team of pioneer photographers. Brady made history by recording history in realistic detail that Americans had never seen before.
Mathew Brady was born in 1822 or 1823 in Bolton Landing, Warren County. He had little formal [...]

Big Turnout for Künstler Preview

People from Roslyn and surrounding communities turned out in force to catch a preview showing of the new exhibition at Nassau County Museum of Art. “For Us the Living” The Civil War in Paintings by Mort Künstler was unveiled before an invitation-only audience of museum members and supporters and guests of the artist. Künstler, a [...]

A little girl’s letter …. 150 years ago

In Honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Famous Letter from Grace Bedell to Abraham Lincoln of Oct. 15, 1860, from Westfield, N.Y. …
Sixty years before American women received the right to vote, Grace Bedell, a school girl of 11 years old, living in Westfield, wrote her now-famous letter to Abraham Lincoln, Oct. 15, 1860, [...]

QueensLine: Flushing Civil War had WWII insights

When Flushing’s last Civil War veteran, Ringold Carman, turned 100 in October 1943, the Star Journal interviewed him.
Their discussion ranged from the Civil War to World War II, the conflict that, at the time of the interview, engulfed the world. As to the latter war, the paper said he “peered in the future with a [...]

Lowville closer to restoring its Civil War statue

With the aid of a $140,000 state historic preservation grant, a decadelong effort to restore the 127-year-old Civil War statue here may come to fruition next year.
“We’re finally moving in the direction we wanted to be,” said Charlotte M. Beagle, chairwoman of Save Our Statue, an eight-year-old nonprofit group attempting to refurbish the 30-foot-high monument. [...]

New Book Shares History of Civil War Soldier from Elma

For three years during the Civil War, Allen Hurd sent letters home to his family in Elma. His mother saved those correspondences and passed them on to family members. The letters start with his desire to join the Union Army, talk about the hard times and battles, and they close with his death at Gettysburg [...]