Price of Custer flag a reminder

Bismarck-Mandan has a close relationship with George Armstrong Custer and the U.S. Seventh Cavalry.
It was from here that Custer and his command departed for the Little Big Horn and the terrible battle that left an indelible mark in history. Now, more than 134 years later, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, and the reconstructed Custer House [...]

Civil War general’s chair made its way to North Dakota

The prized possession of a Fargo doctor was the chair Gen. Ulysses S. Grant sat on while signing the articles of capitulation that officially ended the Civil War.
Dr. Henry Capehart, a Civil War hero, was awarded command of the 3rd Cavalry Division at Appomattox and given the responsibility of bringing about the cessation of all [...]

Surgeon turning into a fighting officer

The man who succeeded Gen. George A. Custer as head of the famed 3rd Cavalry Division in the Civil War later became a physician in Fargo. 

Henry Capehart entered the war as a surgeon but, because of his “knowledge,”  “adroit strategy,”  “accomplished horsemanship,” and familiarity with the terrain, was persuaded to become a cavalry officer. He [...]

Civil War Lieutenant has Ties to N.D.

Civil War connections to North Dakota? There are more than you may think.
In this months edition of Inside History, the tale of one Lt’s death from 1863.
It happened in what is now south Bismarck.
The death of Lt. Frederick Beever in 1863 near Bismarck made the cover of Harpers Weekly.
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