Insurance coverage could end Civil War battles

A battle over liability insurance coverage for groups using state property is brewing, and the Northwest Civil War Council is right in the middle of it.
In 2009, the Oregon State Legislature passed Senate Bill 311, which raised the liability lawsuit cap for claims against against state agencies from $500,000 to $3.2 million. In response, groups [...]

A history buff’s new office provides space for his books and Civil War artifacts

THE OWNER: Richard Botteri, a retired trial lawyer and avid Civil War hobbyist who is also a deeply versed history buff. He is a collector of memorabilia related to the Civil War and the history of voting in the United States.
THE HOUSE: A traditional two-story home built in 1992 and tucked into a quiet, close-in [...]

Lincoln town hall event set for Civil War re-enactment

The annual Civil War re-enactment event held at Willamette Mission State Park will have some twists when it unfolds Saturday through Monday.

The Northwest Civil War Council hosts the event each year, in which as many as 800 Civil War re-enactors present living conditions and circumstances of early 1863, with daily battle re-enactments involving artillery, infantry [...]

Travel back to Civil War time

Going to the giant Civil War re-enactment at Willamette Mission State Park is a surreal experience. It smells like gunpowder and sounds like cannons and old-time music and people explaining how rough you would have it if, God forbid, you needed your leg amputated on the battle field. This isn’t even mentioning the battles, which [...]

Willamette Mission Civil War Reenactment fires up this weekend

The annual Civil War Reenactment event held at Willamette Mission State Park will have some unique twists — and may see record numbers — when it unfolds this weekend, Saturday through Monday, July 3-5.
The Northwest Civil War Council hosts the event each year, in which as many as 800 Civil War “reenactors” present living conditions [...]

Civil War reenactment class slated

Linn-Benton Community College is offering a Civil War reenactment class beginning Tuesday, June 29.
The class, taught by LBCC history instructor Robert Harrison, will run for four days and culminate with the class participating in a two-day reenactment at Willamette Mission State Park north of Salem.

Local Civil War Veteran Honored

While veterans from all over the area were remembered Monday, it’s been a long time coming for one Eugene veteran who served in the Civil War.
His service from the time of Abraham Lincoln finally got the recognition it deserved. Corporal David Drake fought in the Civil War and was buried in Eugene. But up until [...]

Letters from Ashland pioneer detail Civil War battle

A ghost has been said to haunt the city’s Black Swan Inn, but owner Tracy Egan says she’s has had no problems with the spirit world since she brought the old house back to its historic beauty and paid $1,000 for six letters written by the man who built it, Col. William H. Silsby, during [...]

Mapping past connections

John Hartman doesn’t have a degree in history. Yet over the years, the former North Bend School District band director has done so much research about the American Civil War, he might as well be an expert — or a man obsessed.
He can tell you about the meals of cornmeal and sow bellies Confederate soldiers [...]

Civil War veterans honored

It’s likely been a long time since Henry B. Callahan, a second corporal in the 149th Pennsylvania Infantry, was singled out for honors.
At the request of a relative from San Diego, the Union soldier was remembered Saturday in Salem as a veteran of the Civil War.
A half-dozen members of the Sons of Union Veterans of [...]