Business as battle: The lessons of war

Instead of spending the day in front of a computer as usual, a group of technology professionals gamely followed their boss across the battlefields of Gettysburg to where a pivotal skirmish was fought nearly 150 years ago.
At the summit of Little Round Top, Rocky Cintron, chief executive of Force 3, a Crofton-based consulting firm, read [...]

N.C. Wyeth: Picturing the Blue and the Gray

Acclaimed historian Shelby Foote insisted that any true understanding of American history, and thus of America, must be rooted in an understanding of the Civil War.
For Foote and scores of history buffs, often it was the power of pictures that helped trigger their curiosity. Soldiers marching up against a shower of shot and shell, seeing [...]

Everhart kicks off Civil War exhibit as conflict’s sesquicentennial approaches

Standing in a gallery full of Civil War artifacts, Cara Sutherland wondered if Northeast Pennsylvanians of that era had any inkling how much their lives were about to change.
One hundred fifty years ago today, Southern delegates convened in Montgomery, Ala., to establish what would become the Confederacy. That news, however, would not reach the early [...]

The Civil War Begins: An Exhibition at the Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia

The horrors of the American Civil War, wrote Walt Whitman in 1863, “open a new world somehow to me, giving closer insights, new things, exploring deeper mines than any yet, showing our humanity … tried by terrible, fearfulest tests, probed deepest, the living soul’s, the body’s tragedies, bursting the petty bounds of art.”
A century and [...]

Civil War book discussions at Kohl Library begin Feb. 3

The Rachel Kohl Library will sponsor a new book discussion series “Facts in Fiction: The Civil War Era” beginning in February.
The schedule is: Feb. 3, Killer Angels by Michael Shaara; Feb. 24, Lincoln by Gore Vidal; March 17, The March by E. I. Doctorow and April 7, Song Yet Sung by James McBride.
All sessions will [...]

Gettysburg park bill dies in Senate

An omnibus lands bill that would have expanded the boundaries of Gettysburg National Military Park died last week after it met Republican opposition in the U.S. Senate.
The bill would have added to the park the 151-year-old Gettysburg train station where President Abraham Lincoln arrived to dedicate the national cemetery.
It also would have expanded the park’s [...]


 Following the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s postponement of the decision awarding the state’s remaining Category 3 gaming license, Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) president James Lighthizer issued the following statement:
“While I understand and commend the members of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for their desire to carefully consider the myriad aspects and implications of the [...]

Gettysburg prepares for traffic nightmare

Detours and alternative routes are planned over the spring and summer, when the state’s Department of Transportation reconstructs Pa. 116-West Middle Street in Gettysburg.
The three-phase, multi-million dollar project could take 12 months to complete, with pipeline replacement, roadway reconstruction, and streetscape beautification

Leadership program inspired by battle of Gettysburg

Withstanding the steely glares of the bosses in a boardroom might not seem like withstanding an iron hail of Confederate cannon fire, but a University of Maryland program is using the battle of Gettysburg to provide leadership lessons to modern executives.
A new partnership between the University of Maryland, College Park and the Gettysburg Foundation is [...]

Gettysburg casino hoopla overshadows real preservation challenges

It’s all over except the decision from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. For the second time in five years, Gettysburg has been subjected to a pitched PR battle over the location of a gaming business.
The first was a proposed full-sized casino at routes 15 and 30, across the street from a cluster of hotels and [...]