Divided they stand on rebel spirit

“Dixie,” that emotionally freighted and much-debated anthem of the old Confederacy, starts soft when it’s done right, barely above a whisper. But each sotto voce syllable of the opening verse, each feather-light scrape of the fiddle strings, could be heard without straining when the ladies in the hoop skirts and the men in the frock [...]

USC archaeologists locate wreck of Confederate gunboat

A University of South Carolina archaeologist has found the wreck of C.S.S. Peedee, a Confederate gunboat that was destroyed by Confederate forces so it would not be captured by Union forces, in the Pee Dee River.
The discovery comes 18 months after underwater archaeologist Chris Amer confirmed the presence of two of three cannon from the [...]

Spirit of the south still stands as South Carolinians mark 150 years of secession

The organisers billed it as “the event of a lifetime” and, judging by the gaiety inside the Gaillard auditorium in Charleston, most of those present agreed. The women wore silk hoop skirts, petticoats and bloomers, their hair in ringlets; the men wore tuxedos and top hats, while some sported the grey uniform of the confederate [...]

Photo Coverage: 150th Anniversary Of South Carolina’s Secession Marked In Charleston

Guests in period costume arrive for the Secession Ball on the 150th Anniversary of South Carolina’s Secession from the Union on December 20, 2010 in Charleston, SC. South Carolina was the first state to secede resulting in the US Civil War.

NAACP protests tonight’s ‘Secession Ball’ in South Carolina

The NAACP in Colombia, S.C., is protesting tonight’s “Secession Ball” that will mark the beginning of a series of historical events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War.
The Secession Ball, organized by the Confederate Heritage Trust and sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, has been criticized as a celebration of [...]

Charleston’s ’secession ball’ a contentious start to Civil War’s 150th anniversary

In Charleston, S.C. tonight, revelers garbed in “modern black tie, period formal or pre-war militia” will pay $100 per person to sip mint juleps, nibble shrimp and grits, and dance the Virginia Reel as a band plays Dixie. The occasion: the 150th anniversary of the day South Carolina signed the Ordinance of Secession, becoming the [...]

South Carolina becomes first state to secede

On this day (Dec. 20) in 1860, a “Convention of the People of South Carolina” voted unanimously (169-0) to secede from “the union now subsisting between South Carolina and other States, under the name of ‘The United States of America.’”
Thus South Carolina became the first of the 11 southern states to sever ties with the [...]

Convention leader rests in Orangeburg cemetery

Slightly tilted, its lettering weathered almost to the point where the inscription is unreadable, the modest gravestone marks the grave of one of the state’s most distinguished citizens – whose name is almost unrecognized today.
Gen. David Flavel Jamison, president of the Secession Convention and founder of The Citadel, is one of several Civil War-era individuals [...]

New marker will identify site of secession signing

A new historical marker will identify the site where South Carolina delegates signed the Ordinance of Secession.
The marker will be unveiled Monday in downtown Charleston, where Institute Hall once stood. Monday marks the 150th anniversary of South Carolina’s secession from the Union, which led to the Civil War.

S.C. secedes: ‘The Union is Dissolved’

On Dec. 11, 1860, Major Robert Anderson, the commander at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island, received oral instructions to hold possession of the forts in Charleston Harbor, and if attacked, to defend himself ‘to the last extremity.’
On Dec. 17, 1860, the secession convention met in Columbia. Preliminary sessions were held in the First Baptist Church. [...]